The Diversity Collection

The Diversity Collection features our blog posts on the latest diversity best practices. We say “the latest” because diversity strategies and tactics are improving as companies experiment with what actually works. As they discover what “moves the needle”, our collective understanding on about how to boost diversity is growing.

Getting Smarter About Diversity

That is why we blog extensively about diversity. We do it to track advances in the field of diversity recruitment. Over the years, we have built up quite an archive of diversity blog posts. For example, we have written about diversity recruiting, diversity talent acquisition initiatives, and diverse talent retention at the senior executive level. We have also reported on the latest studies and research — what consultants and academics are doing to increase our understanding of diversity.

Learn What Works in Diversity (and What Does Not)

In addition, the Good Search blog author CEO Krista Bradford shares valuable diversity observations from the Diversity & Inclusion front lines. Having led numerous diversity initiatives for global Fortune 500 companies, she has witnessed what does and does not work. She is now passing along those real-world lessons to you. She is doing it to ensure your diversity efforts are as successful as possible. Because, in the end, we all want the same thing: equal opportunity for all professionals including women executives, Black/African American executives, and Hispanic/ Latino executives, and other underrepresented minorities

Diversity Matters for The Greater Good

The Good Search blogs about diversity because diversity matters. Moreover, as a woman-owned search firm, we have lived diversity. The Good Search has been named one of the Top 50 Connecticut Woman-Owned businesses on numerous occasions.

Thank you for your interest in diversity. If you are a candidate, we invite you to check out our career advice blog posts for the latest tips on how to advance in your career.

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