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Technology is transforming how we do our work at the speed of light. That change, in turn, is creating white-hot needs for new kinds of leadership talent. Founder and CEO Krista Bradford tracks tech trends here and the impact those trends have on Human Capital.

Headhunters Beat LinkedIn in Google Trends

Headhunters continue to beat LinkedIn Recruiter in Google Trends. It is not yet possible LinkedIn Recruiter to download an interest, qualified candidate using LinkedIn LinkedIn Recruiter. If I were asked to interpret the data, it suggests companies still need headhunters to do the work of recruiting — to identify, qualify, interview, and ultimately deliver a hire.

How to Tell If Your Company Ready for AI

Many retailers didn’t recognize the risk of the Internet before it was too late. The same goes for data science and AI. We are now in the era where artificial intelligence is being harnessed for competitive advantage. Is your company ready for AI?

VC Fred Wilson Warns Greed Isn’t Good

Venture capitalist Fred Wilson has written a piece in his blog entitled “Greed isn’t Good” when you’d expect someone who regularly deals in billions of dollars to say quite the opposite.

The Executive Search for U.S. President and the Reckoning

During the Presidential Campaign, I posed the question, “Politics aside, what candidate would we hire in a hypothetical executive search for U.S. President?” The question is meant to viewed through a business lens, not partisan politics.

Mr Robot Must-See TV for Cybersecurity Search Firm

Mr. Robot is a television series that is changing the way hackers are portrayed on television. To quote, a review by Tim Surette of, the series has “made hackers human.” It stars Rami Malek as Elliot Alderson, a cybersecurity engineer and hacker who suffers from social anxiety disorder and clinical depression.

Cybersecurity Search Firm Picks Top Silicon Valley Scene

I spend a lot of time talking to the most brilliant engineers and executives who keep this Internet of ours up-and-running.  It isn’t easy and often, it isn’t pretty.  But the Gilfoyles of the world get it done and, for that, we salute them. Gilfoyle is a character on the hit HBO television series Silicon Valley. Actor Martin Starr plays Gilfoyle with nerdy precision and the requisite expletives. In this scene, he details exactly what Gilfoyle does.

Top Tech Recruiting Scenes on HBO’s Silicon Valley

As an executive search firm that revels in recruiting technology talent of the highest caliber, we find the HBO TV series Silicon Valley filled with insight and delicious nerd humor. True, we wish the show’s bro-grammer cast featured more female characters, just as we wish the real Silicon Valley featured more women senior executives. To the show’s credit, it does tackle the issue in scenes with the startup’s lone female engineer.

Recovery Is No Longer Jobless

Ever since America’s economic downturn reached its nadir, economists — the optimistic ones, anyway — have touted each year as THE ONE that the job market would bounce back. Yet while Wall Street rebounded, Main Street suffered. Finally, the recovery is no longer jobless.

2018 Demand for Advertising Executives

The 2018 Demand for Advertising executives is expected to remain stable in 2018, that according to new research from The Creative Group. Three-quarters of the ad agencies surveyed plan to maintain current levels, while one out of every twenty plan to grow their firms.

Top Digital Talent Key to Survival

The New York Times has an urgent need for top digital talent. According to a leaked internal report, it is “winning at journalism”, but losing readers at an alarming rate. The  New York Times has seen readership “fall significantly” on its website and through its smartphone apps.

Master Hashtags like Timberlake and Fallon

Master Hashtags If you want to learn how to master hashtags in business, study Late Night host Jimmy Fallon and pop icon Justin Timberlake. They have been on the leading edge of social media hashtags, and may even be responsible for helping make #hashtags a thing....

Executive Search Trends 2014| What’s In and What’s Out

Executive Search Trends 2014 Executive Search has undergone a revolution.  The Good Search Highlights the latest executive search trends in our list of What's In and What's Out in for 2014. Executive search buyers are seeking stronger slates of candidates. Employers...

What Retained Search has in Common with Mark Twain

Executive search has a lot in common with Mark Twain these days. Though executive search is about recruiting and Mark Twain (Samuel Clemmons) is about writing, rumors about their respective demise have been strangely similar.

Things We Love: Kate McKinnon is an Icon We Love.

Kate McKinnon is an Icon We Love. The surest sign that Kate McKinnon is a comedic icon is not her ongoing featured work on Saturday Night Live, which is where we first fell in love with Kate McKinnon. We noticed her arrival at SNL well before her famed Kellyanne...

Occupy Wall Street: Preoccupied Recruiters

Whenever there is a market dip with round after round of layoffs, executive recruiters serve on the front lines.  That’s what we do. We bare witness to the devastation that downsizing brings.

Sir Richard Branson on How to Lower Unemployment Rate to 1.6%

Sir Richard Branson has an intriguing idea about getting people back to work. It’s easy as 1-2-3. 1.Talk to the 10-20% of the work force who want to work less. 2. Let them. 3. Then give those hours to the unemployed to get them back to work.

Startups Are Not Just For Technologists

Startups are more focused on sales and marketing and less on technology these days. As NYC entrepreneur and investor Mark Birch pointed out in a recent blog post entitled “Don’t Look to Tech Startups to Fill the Jobs Gap”, fewer engineers are needed to build something really cool because our technology is smarter.

Most Workers Want to Leave

The vast majority of workers (71% Percent) are actively looking for a new job. That according to a survey by the nonprofit group Mental Health America and the Faas Foundation. That means nearly three out of every four workers are active candidates. The main reason for worker unhappiness: lack of recognition.

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