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Technology Executive Recruiting Services

The Good Search offers technology executive recruiting services  you cannot find anywhere else. We are a new, improved kind of executive search firm. We have taken executive recruiting to a whole new level by making executive recruiting smarter.

Technology Executive Recruiting NYC

Executive Search Services

The Good Search offers retained executive search solutions for business at the speed of light in New York City and across the Nation. As the rate of change in the business increases exponentially in media and technology, one thing remains a constant. Companies require exceptional senior executives and technologists to go the distance. We recruit top performing senior leadership on the executive and engineering tracks. (See our case study of a hard-to-find executive search for a President of an Ad Agency.)  We build senior executive succession benches.  We boost senior executive diversity in the C-suite and at the board level. That’s not an easy thing to do when a significant number of women bail mid-career.

As the strategy consulting firm McKinsey points out,

Gender diversity remains an issue in technology organizations. The number of young women completing engineering and technology programs has dropped significantly over the past 30 years, and a report from the National Center for Women & Information Technology suggests that a little more than half of all US women who do enter technology fields leave their employers midcareer.1

There are things you can do to boost your diversity recruiting numbers and to create a welcoming culture and work environment where diverse candidates want to stay. MicKinsey’s Recruiting and Retaining More Women in Technology Organizations offers additional insights on how to improve the numbers. 

Retained Search

Take retained search to a whole new level with next generation executive search.  Harness the power of actionable intelligence and data-driven research to make search smarter. Because smarter is better. The Good Search recruits differently by conducting next-generation executive search. We outperform traditional retained executive search firms by focusing on execution and by investing in more robust research. It is how we deliver the game changers, the market makers, the up-and-comers, and the technology visionaries. It is also how we offer our recruiting clients a competitive advantage.

Succession Bench

Build a robust external succession bench to ensure continuity at the senior executive level. Benchmark C-level talent and switch out problem leaders with top-performers. The Good Search succession bench services provide companies with a current snapshot of the best executive talent available in the marketplace. External benches make it possible for companies to top-grade, switching out under-performing leaders with the best-of-the-best executive talent. Succession benches are also an effective way to conduct a confidential executive search when an incumbent in still in the role.


Boost executive diversity with our next-gen diversity talent pools.  Proactively identify top diverse talent to ensure inclusion Leverage the power of information to make the process smarter and more effective. The Good Search offers senior executive diversity talent pools, diverse talent pipelines, and diversity benchmarking services. We shine a light on star diverse executive talent that other firms miss. Our diversity talent acquisition services are designed to ensure inclusion of diverse executives and technologists for corporate executive recruiting and diversity recruitment efforts.