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The Case for Chief Content Officer

Chief Content Officer is an executive responsible for a company’s content. In a growing number of entertainment, media and consumer products companies, the Chief Content Officer is the highest ranking creative executive in the company.

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What a Chief Content Officer Does


The CCO owns digital media publication and distribution across multiple channels and platforms. Media includes text, video, and audio. Companies from traditional media to retail are now establishing chief content officers as content becomes increasingly central to their strategies.

What do you need in a Chief Content Officer?

Bill Kolbenschlag wrote a piece for Contently on The Rise of the Content Strategist. He points on that for a long time, companies didn’t have content represented in the executive suite. In recent years, large corporations have bought in Chief Content Officer to boost content marketing. Smaller companies with smaller budgets typically don’t bring in a content executives at the C-Level, reporting into the CEO. They opt for a more junior content executive. However, when smaller firm hire Chief Content Officers, they discover they saves money from more disciplined sourcing, curating and production.

We will see more and more organizations add chief content officers over the next few years. As more companies go online they will want to keep people on their websites. And they say ‘content is king,’ so the person running it is going to have to be management level.”