Digital Media Recruiters

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Digital Media Recruiters

As Digital Media recruiters, we deliver the top-performing executive leadership to the content creators, content platform makers, the distribution channels in online, digital, mobile, social, and traditional media. The Digital Media Practice of The Good Search executive search firm works with both new and traditional media companies. We are digital media recruiters who excel at delivering senior business and technology leaders with the right mix of Internet, social media, mobile, online, and data analytics experience.

Digital Visionaries and Technologists

Digital Disruption continues to rearrange the media landscape — distributing content online, in the cloud, on mobile apps, across social media and beyond. Our every move is a digital transaction. Users are producing a mind-numbingly huge amount of information, so-called Big Data. The data monetizes business and advertising and enables greater personalization and enhanced user experiences.


Got Search?

As Digital Media Recruiters, We Match Force With Digital Transformation

We are digital media recruiters who have recruited the business luminaries who have sparked the transformation — digital content creators, multi-platform developers, the cloud innovators, the Big Data wranglers, ePayment facilitators, eCommerce money-makers, and  the social media savants.

We serve the following digital media & entertainment industry sectors:

  • Mass Media
  • Digital Content
  • Streaming Music
  • Digital Radio
  • Digital Journalism
  • Data Journalism
  • Digital Newspapers
  • Online Magazines
  • Content Curation
  • e-Publishing
  • Online Video
  • Digital Cinema
  • Video Games
  • Mobile Games
  • Social Games
  • Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOs, MMOGs)
  • Free-to-Play (F2P) Games
  • Internet Gaming
  • Online Casino

What’s Coming Next?

Artificial intelligence makes it possible for us to learn from our shared digital experience. In fact, Machine Learning is what’s coming next. Businesses need the right senior executive and technology talent to compete and to win. However, companies are not finding that easy to do. Quite simply digital talent is in high demand and short supply, As digital media recruiters, we offer unprecedented access to exceptional senior executive and technology talent.