How to Get a Job

What does it take to get hired these days? Try a website, a video, a mustache, and no pants. A brilliant marketing campaign has been waged by a jobseeker Matthew Epstein targeting Google as his next employer. He has set up a website that speaks to Google and Google alone. To leave no doubt as to the purpose of his website, you can find it at the web address

Matthews effort has “gone viral”. In the Internet world, that’s not an easy thing to do and that fact certainly qualifies him for further scrutiny. He’s proven he can write and demonstrates a wry sense of humor along the lines of what you’d see on The Office or, dare I say, 30 Rock. Moreover, it takes courage to apply for a job dans pans. Courage, I tell you. Moreover, he brings it all home by allowing us to meet the the real Matthew at the video’s end. Matthew’s “grand gesture” is a tried and true device used by industry icons that include Donny Deutsch, one of the most successful CEOs in advertising history. Donny is reported to have sent car parts to the home of the Pontiac rep to land an account with Tri-State Pontiac dealers. He sent a fender with a note that read, “We’ll cover your rear end.” Donny won the account, doubling its size. Matthew, the savvy marketer that he is proving himself to be, has set up a blog where we can track his progress. His latest post: Matthew has a second phone interview with Google this Friday.

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