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A Career in Executive Search

If you are seeking a career in executive search, working at a boutique like The Good Search offers a greater opportunity for advancement. If you are interested in being mentored by one of the leading headhunters in the business, this is that opportunity.

What Executive Recruiters Do

Executive recruiters specialize in helping organizations identify and hire qualified candidates for open executive positions. A career in executive search at The Good Search is an excellent strategic move to advance up the career ladder in retained search.

The Virtuous Circle

The Good Search focuses on finding, recruiting, developing, and retaining smart, curious, innovative, and results-driven people who care deeply about the work we do, our colleagues, our communities, and the world around us. The reason? That’s what it takes to build a culture of excellence at a retained executive search firm.

Krista Bradford CEO The Good Search

The Good Search believes in serving the greater good. We help executives who have worked hard to become the best of the best by introducing them to one-in-a-lifetime job opportunities. The wealth created from the compensation packages we help negotiate raises families up for generations.

The leadership that our candidates provide helps companies grow, creates jobs, and empowers others to step into leadership roles. It turns out the Greater Good is good for business and good for your career.

The Good Search Values

Our shared purpose and values unite us. We believe leadership can be a powerful force for good. As a result, we are motivated and inspired by the impact our work can have on people, organizations, and society as a whole.

Collaboration and caring are the glue. We believe warmth, connectedness, and teamwork enable us to deliver a more consultative and relationship-driven approach to recruitment. It is our competitive advantage. We care about one another and do our best work when we collaborate and partner.

Apprenticeship is your path to success. We are partners in each other’s success. The firm has a strong apprenticeship model and is committed to mentoring and learning. Consequently, we view our success holistically in shared outcomes.

We value our diverse backgrounds and perspectives. The Good Search believes Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion make us stronger and more effective advisers to clients. The firm fosters a welcoming culture where diversity can thrive.

The Good Search Positions

Research Associate

The Good Search is looking for smart, ambitious, hard-working college graduates to join our growing team. The Good Search is a retained executive search firm that helps recruit leadership teams for the most important companies in the technology industry. We also serve non-profit and mission-driven companies that use those technologies for the greater good.