Diversity Recruiting

Diversity Recruiting


The Good Search headhunters are diversity recruiting experts. We identify and recruit leading women and Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC). We shine a light on diverse executive talent that other search firms miss.

As trusted diversity partners, we help ensure the inclusion of diverse candidates. In doing so, we regularly facilitate senior executive hires of underrepresented Black, Latinx, and women candidates.

The Good Search has two decades of experience working with Fortune 500 companies on numerous strategic diversity initiatives. Additionally, we are a WBENC-certified woman-owned search firm. In fact, The Good Search has been named one of the Top 50 Connecticut Woman-Owned Businesses on numerous occasions.

As diversity recruiters, The Good Search offers diversity recruiting that is simply more evolved. We harness the power of data and actionable intelligence to make the process smarter and to yield better results

Got Search?

The Good Search asks the right questions and targets the right individuals in our industry.  The Good Search helped us identify very hard-to-find talent for very specialized positions at our company. They delivered when other vendors weren’t able.


Diversity Talent Pools

The Good Search offers senior executive diversity talent pools, diverse talent pipelines, and diversity benchmarking services. 

Our diversity and inclusion (D&I) talent acquisition services are designed to ensure diverse slates of finalists for corporate openings. 

Better yet, our diversity recruiting services deliver an added benefit. Our diversity engagements demonstrate our clients’ proactive commitment to diversity and give an added lift to diversity talent acquisition efforts.

Boost Inclusion of Diverse Executive Talent

In the United States, The Good Search partners with employers to boost the inclusion of diverse executives in the EEOC categories of African-American, Black, Asian, Hispanic, Latino, Native American, Pacific Islanders, American Indian, and Alaskan Native. We also boost the inclusion of women executives. 

Gender is the one diversity category that is universal. Women are under-represented at the senior executive level worldwide.  The Good Search partners with employers to level the playing field.

Diversity Recruiting approaches


Structural issues make it hard for companies to recruit diverse executive talent. To start, many diverse executives do not self-identify. Understandably, many would rather avoid the risk of discrimination or becoming a token hire.

Additionally, employee referrals often make matters worse. Candidates hired through employee referrals often look and act a lot like the employee who referred them. Because of this, predominantly white, male corporate cultures tend to perpetuate more of the same.

These issues and others often prevent great diverse executives and great employers from finding one another. To be successful diversity recruiters must recruit differently.

Do The Math

Historically, diversity executive search firms have built their practices on cultivating relationships within specific diverse communities and networks.

While that is a valid approach, there’s a limit to the number of meaningful relationships any one of us can have. (The limit, known as Dunbar’s Number, is right around 150).

Far too often, search firms recycle the same diverse candidates. In doing so, they have failed to conduct the robust investigative research necessary to find rock start women as well as Black and Latinx executives. 

To get real lift, executive search firms must identify and recruit diverse candidates outside their own networks to uncover top diverse talent others miss.

Smarter is Better

We live in the Age of Data and therein lies the key to diversity recruiting success. By harnessing that power of information, we make diversity talent acquisition smarter and more effective.

Smarter diversity recruiting maps diverse executives at leading target companies. We conduct mindful research to pick up on the subtle cues executives provide on their diversity status.

Additionally, we talk with diverse executives to understand what would motivate them to make a move and work with our clients to ensure inclusion in the candidate pool considered for an opening and in the slate of finalists.