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Executive Search Collection

Executive Search Collection

The Executive Search Collection features our posts on The Good Search Blog about executive recruiting. Executive search, informally known as headhunting, is a specialized recruitment service that identifies, profiles, qualifies, and ultimately delivers senior-level executives and technologists. In her blog, The Good Search CEO Krista Bradford shares executive search tips, her insights on executive search firm selection, and executive recruiting best practices of C-Level leaders. What follows is a list of her posts about executive search. (Make sure to check out our other blog post collections: Career Advice and Diversity Recruiting.

Search Firm Type question marks covering face
Selecting the Right Type of Search Firm

Selecting the Right Search Firm Type The first step to selecting a search firm is deciding what search firm type you need.  If you are a CEO…

Martin Starr as Gilfoyle in the TV Series "Silicon Valley"
Our Favorite Silicon Valley Scenes

Photo credit: Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons Our Favorite Silicon Valley Scenes We …

Why Executive Search Fail Maze
What are the Steps of the Executive Search Process?

Understanding the Executive Search Process The executive search process varies little between different retained executive search firms. In fact,…

Questions Not To Ask Executive Search Firms
3 Questions Not to Ask Search Firms

Questions Not To Ask Executive Search Firms If you are shopping for an executive search firm to conduct an important senior-level executive searc…

How to Avoid Using Executive Search Firms
How to Avoid Using Executive Search Firms

How to Avoid Using Executive Search Firms I lead a retained search firm and so it may seem a bit counterintuitive to serve up advice to companies on h…

Recognize Great Talent
How to Recognize Great Talent

Recognizing Great Talent Learning how to recognize great talent is the key to making amazing hires in executive search. While it is pretty easy to tel…

Mr Robot Recruiting Hackers
Mr. Robot and Recruiting Hackers

Mr. Robot and Recruiting Hackers As a technology search firm, we have experience recruiting luminaries who have experimented with hacking. Some even d…

Search Firm Selection
Greatest Myths of Search Firm Selection

What Are the Greatest Myths of Search Firm Selection? Search firm selection is tricky business. Over the years, retained search firms have provid…

Hire a Headhunter
12 Reasons to Hire a Headhunter

12 Reasons to Retain a Search Firm If your company is experiencing dramatic growth or is in the midst of a corporate turn-around, chances are you need…

First Chief Data Officer
How to Hire a Chief Data Officer

Why You Need a Chief Data Officer If knowledge is power, hiring your company’s first Chief Data Officer (CDO) may be the shortest path to a comp…

Recruit your person, find your person
Recruit Your Person with Executive Search

How to Recruit Your Person In executive search, the ideal is to recruit “your person” — a trusted colleague you enjoy working with w…

Executive Search Choice Paradox
The Executive Search Choice Paradox: Less is More

Executive Search Choice Paradox In executive search, headhunters are faced with a choice paradox.  Research has found the more choice we have, th…

Steve Jobs Featured Image
Steve Jobs on How to Recruit A-Players

Steve Jobs on How to Recruit A-Players When you recruit A-Players, you are channeling a key talent acquisition strategy of Apple founder Steve Jobs. T…

Candidate is a Waste of Time
6 Signs an Executive Candidate is a Waste of Time

Executive Candidate Warning Signs Recruiting top C-level senior executive talent takes time — often more than a CEO would like. In fact, fo…

Photo of many in suit with data hologram between hands with text Recruiting AI Talent and Artificial Intelligence Talent
Recruiting AI Talent

Recruiting AI Talent. Is Your Company Ready? To stay competitive, recruiting AI talent becomes essential for most technology companies. We are now in …

Executive Search with Big Data
Is Your Executive Search Firm Ready for Big Data?

Big Data and Executive Search Best Practices The executive search industry has witnessed a dramatic shift in how board and senior-level executives are…

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