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The Diversity Collection

Diversity Recruiting Collection

The Diversity Recruiting Collection features our posts on The Good Search Blog about the latest diversity recruiting best practices. We say “the latest” because diversity strategies and tactics are improving as companies experiment with what actually works. As they discover what “moves the needle”, our collective understanding of how to best boost diversity is growing.

What Works in Diversity Recruiting (and What Does Not)

Our story as executive recruiters features decades of work improving the workforce diversity of our clients. The Good Search blog author CEO Krista Bradford shares valuable observations from the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion front lines. Having led numerous diversity initiatives for global Fortune 500 companies and is now passing along those real-world lessons to you. She is doing it to ensure that your organization’s diversity efforts are successful, achieving equal opportunity for women executives and Hispanic (Latinx), Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC).

Remington Holt in Bloomberg Busienessweek's Why Doesn't Silicon Valley Hire Black Coders?
Black Coders and Silicon Valley Diversity

Tech Companies Say They Want Black Coders So Where Are They?  In an article about Silicon Valley diversity, Bloomberg BusinessWeek asks a simple …

The Silence Breakers Time Magazine Person of the Year 2017
The Silence Breakers Beget The Pay Raisers

The Silence Breakers Beget The Pay Raisers Equal Pay for Women Equal pay is my wish for women everywhere. (In fact, it is my wish for all workers.) It…

Cost of Devaluing Women
The Cost of Devaluing Women Executives

The Cost of Devaluing Women Executives Sallie Krawcheck has witnessed the cost of devaluing women executives firsthand over the course of her storied …

Happens to be Diverse
When the Best Person for the Job Happens to Be Diverse

When the Best Candidate Happens to Be Diverse Companies seeking to boost executive diversity frequently will say that they want a top performer who &#…

How to Support Women in the Workplace
How to Support Women Like Bradley Cooper

Support Women Like Bradley Cooper Actor Bradley Cooper has a way of taking a woman’s breath away. But now he’s topped himself. Bradley Coo…

I look like an engineer
Women in Tech Hashtag Makes a Difference

#ILookLikeAnEngineer: Women In Technology The Good Search has helped leading technology companies become more diverse. We’ve done a lot of work …

Favorite Scenes on HBO's Silicon Valley
Favorite Scenes on HBO’s Silicon Valley

HBO’s Silicon Valley One of our favorite scenes on HBO’s Silicon Valley features a woman engineer. As an executive search firm that revels…

Google Shows Men Ads for Better Jobs
Google Shows Men Ads for Better Jobs

Google Shows Men Ads for Better Jobs Before I get to the study that found Google Shows Men Ads for Better Jobs, let’s try an experiment. In an i…

Gender Diversity Documentary
Gender Diversity Documentary a Star-Studded Must-See

Star-Studded Must-See Gender Diversity Documentary If you haven’t yet watched the must-see gender diversity documentary This Changes Everything …

Gender Diversity Dividend
Gender Diversity Dividend

The Gender Diversity Dividend Gender diversity pays dividends. In fact, women leaders are good for business. Conventional wisdom holds that the more d…

Diversity Recruiting Matters for The Greater Good

The Good Search blogs about diversity because diversity matters. We are a fierce ally. Moreover, as the leader of a woman-owned search firm specializing in tech, our founder. has experienced what it is like to be under-represented (and worse). Yet it only makes us stronger and more determined to level the playing field for the greater good.

On numerous occasions, The Good Search has been named one of the Top 50 Connecticut Woman-Owned businesses. (If you are a candidate, we invite you to check out our career advice blog posts for the latest tips on how to advance in your career. General questions about executive recruiting? Check out our Executive Search Collection or our FAQs Page.

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