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The Career Collection

 The Career Collection

The Career Collection features the career advice posts of The Good Search Blog. Every executive’s climb up the career ladder has its own challenges, which you can learn more about in The Hero’s Journey. Yet career advice from the executive recruiters themselves can be hard to come by. Senior leaders and up-and-comers deserve constructive feedback on their candidacy for potential next jobs but rarely get it.

It is reasonable to want to understand how you stack up against the other candidates with whom you are competing. It is reasonable to want insight to improve. Yet, rarely do companies or recruiters offer frank feedback due to the legal exposure. The Society for Human Resource Management cautions frank feedback can backfire and cause the candidate to file claims or complaints.

Our Story as Executive Recruiters

The Good Search executive search firm CEO Krista Bradford does attempt to provide guidance on ways to increase your value as a candidate. A thought leader in executive search, diversity recruiting, and career management informs her advice. She distills her two decades of experience into blog posts about topics executive candidates want to know.

Some of her blog post topics include networking tips, executive makeovers, and LinkedIn profile optimization. We hope the blog posts help you our your career journey. Make sure to check out our other blog post collections: the Executive Search Collection and the Diversity Recruiting Collection.

Finding Your Calling
How to Find Your Calling | Video

Find Your Calling How to find your calling depends on how your life unfolds. You may have always known what you want to be when you grow up. You do th…

LinkedIn Profiles
Top 20 Things Headhunters Want to See in LinkedIn Profiles

What Headhunters Look For in LinkedIn Profiles Listed below is a Top 20 “hot list” of the things that headhunters look for in the LinkedIn…

How to Get a Job Michael Epstein mustached No Pants
How to Get a Job: Try a Mustache and No Pants

How to Get a Job What Happened to the fake mustache, no pants guy? Ever wonder what happened to the fake mustache, no pants guy who waged a ‘Goo…

Why Employers Block Recruiter Calls and Emails

Why Companies Block Recruiter Calls and Emails Companies block recruiter calls and emails to prevent headhunters from poaching talent. Their impulse i…

Say Their Name Whenever You Network
Say Their Name When You Network

Say Their Name Say their name and you rewire their brain. Research has shown that when you address a person by their name, it activates certain parts …

All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Zoom

All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Zoom Have you ever dressed in business attire for a Zoom meeting, only to learn that the meeting was by phone? Conversel…

Richard Branson
How to Lower the Unemployment Rate to 1.6%

Credit: Chatham House   Sir Branson’s Approach to Lowering Unemployment Sir Richard Branson has an intriguing idea on how to lower une…

The Hero's Journey
The Hero’s Journey is Your Career

In The Hero’s Journey, You Are the Hero Within each of us, in the collective unconscious, there lies a hero — an archetype that Swiss Psyc…

Executive Recruiting Lessons from Chicago the Movie
Recruiting Lessons from Chicago the Movie | Video

Executive Recruiting Lessons Executive recruiting lessons can be found in great works of art. And thus, it should come as no surprise that there are e…

Executive Makeovers Ryan Gosling Featured Image
Executive Makeovers Make You More Successful| Video

Executive Makeovers: The Secret to Your Success If you want to advance more quickly in your career, executive makeovers offer you one way to step on t…

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