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The Good Search is not a traditional retained executive search firm, by design. Specializing in technology, we search smarter and give you more. Candidates you never dreamed existed. Pricing you can trust. We even hand over all the candidate research. In doing so, The Good Search recruits board and senior executive talent for some of the most powerful and successful companies in the world.



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Candidates You Never Dreamed Existed

We give you candidates you never dreamed existed by searching smarter. Our investigative recruiters reach beyond traditional recruiting resources. We tap highly-placed sources and little-known databases. In doing so, we harness the power of data to uncover top-performers others miss.

Pricing You Can Trust

We give you pricing you can trust. In fact, our simple flat fee banishes conflicts-of-interest of traditional percentage-based pricing. Percentage fees reward search firms that inflate the salaries of executives they place. That’s simply not right. You shouldn’t have to wonder about a search firm’s loyalty.

All the Research

We hand over all the candidate research — something traditional search firms never do. However, we are proud to show you our work. You should never have to wonder what a search firm is doing for all that money. Better yet, you can use it to make additional hires at no additional cost. Why settle for less?

Our Secret Sauce

Founded by an award-winning investigative TV journalist with a specialty in computer-assisted research and data analytics and staffed by investigative associates, we search differently.

We leverage highly-placed sources. We reach far beyond typical recruiting resources. We develop Money Ball-like data to help identify top performers. We capture market intelligence that speeds time-to-hire. We leverage org charts and talent maps built by our research division Intellerati. That is how we deliver A-players others miss.

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Passive Candidates


Years in Business

Technology Headhunters

The Good Search delivers board and senior level leadership talent for technology giants, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, as well as companies in virtually every other industry harnessing the latest technologies. Travel & Hospitality. eCommerce & Online Retail. Strategy Consulting. Digital Media. Advertising (AdTech). Education Technology (EdTech). Financial Technology (FinTech). We go there.

We do a lot of work in Analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data Science (Big Data), Machine Learning (ML), Bioinformatics, Computational Biology, and Genomics. But that’s not all. We also build succession benches and offer services that boost senior-executive diversity. We have done all that and more as executive recruiters for the some most powerful and successful technology companies in the world.

Our References

The Good Search is a technology executive search firm with street cred. We’ve earned it, laying down a track record of success over nearly two decades. We are small — but a boutique firm in size. Yet, remarkably, we have conducted more than 600 executive search engagements wherever business collides with technology. Founded in New York City, we are NYC area headhunters who deliver. With our headquarters in Westport, Connecticut we are also Connecticut headhunters. We are executive recruiters who are counted among the leading executive search firms in the Greater NYC Area, serving clients from coast-to-coast. 

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