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The Good Search

Founded by an Emmy Award-winning investigative journalist, The Good Search is a technology executive search firm that outperforms traditional retained executive search firms. 

Our investigative approach delivers top leadership talent others miss. While they focus on sales, we focus on execution. While they give you breezy sales pitches and glossy brochures, we give you the most gifted, accomplished executives the market has to offer. 


We are a Leading Technology Executive Search Firm

Technology Executive Recruiting

The Good Search is counted among the top technology executive search firms in the nation. We deliver board and senior-level leadership talent wherever business intersects with technology. If you have an important board or C-level executive opening to fill, you’ve come to the right place. 

Top Technology Recruiting Clients

The Good Search has recruited senior executives for the largest and most successful technology companies in the world. As a technology executive search firm, our clients range from venture capital-backed startups to private equity portfolio companies to the Fortune 500. Indeed, our list of executive search clients resembles a who’s who in technology. You use their laptops and phones. You boot up their operating system and office software. When you have questions, you find answers in their search engines. And increasingly, you shop online in their marketplace for instant delivery.

Technology Executive Search Practice

The Good Search places leading technology executives across the United States and beyond. We conduct retained executive searches for a variety of leadership positions, including Chief Technology Officers (CTOs), Chief Information Officers (CIOs), Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs), and Chief Architects. Additionally, we recruit Senior Vice Presidents, Vice Presidents, and Heads of Product Development and Engineering. We also deliver Chief Data Officers and Heads of Data Science as well as Chief AI Officers and Heads of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (ML).

Moreover, our technology expertise enables us to recruit executives for most industry sectors, including the Life Sciences. We are a technology executive search firm that recruits for Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Companies developing live-saving diagnostics, therapeutics, and vaccines.

In addition to our executive search offering, we also offer services in diversity recruiting and succession bench recruiting.

Client Experience

“We retained The Good Search on the recommendation of Esther Dyson to conduct our CEO search. They are extremely adept at finding best-of-breed candidates where other recruiters haven’t yet looked.”

— VC-backed Startup

Client Experience

“The Good Search is one of search’s most brilliant practices. They are extraordinarily professional and among the most connected recruiters in the business. They’re definitely onto something.”

— Fortune 100 Technology Company

Client Experience

“The Good Search is the most vital resource I’ve ever used for executive search. They consistently deliver “rock stars” by leveraging their extensive industry contacts. Simply put, this team “gets it”. They deliver.”

— Fortune 100 Company

Points of Difference

Dream Candidates

We give you candidates you never dreamed existed by searching smarter. Our expert investigative recruiters consistently uncover top-performing candidates others miss. Our candidate sourcing maps target companies, taps little-known databases, and harnesses the power of data to uncover dream candidates.

Pricing You Trust

We give you pricing you can trust. Our flat fees banish the conflicts-of-interest of percentage-based pricing. Tying fees to a candidate’s salary rewards headhunters who inflate the salaries of executives they place. That’s simply not right. You shouldn’t have to wonder about a headhunting firm’s loyalty.

All the Research

We hand over all the candidate research — something traditional retained firms never do. However, we are proud to show you our work. You should never have to wonder what a retained firm is doing for all that money. Better yet, you can use it to make additional hires at no additional cost. Why settle for less?

Passive Candidates


Years in Business

Secret Sauce

The Good Search recruits board and senior executive talent for some of the most powerful and innovative technology companies in the world. Our secret sauce? Our investigative approach. We are a technology executive search firm founded by an award-winning investigative TV journalist with a specialty in computer-assisted research. It’s quite a story. Quite simply, our technology recruiters uncover top candidates others miss.


Our Mission

We deliver senior leadership talent to help companies match force with this moment in history. COVID-19. The Climate Crisis. The New Normal. With every seismic shift comes the opportunity to create a more diverse, innovative, and humane world.

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