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Top Executive Headhunters in NYC: A Comprehensive Guide

Top Executive Headhunters in NYC

Top New York City Area Headhunters and Executive Recruiters

We’ve compiled a list of the top executive headhunters in NYC, including our competitors. As executive search consultants, we are sharing this information to spread a little good karma and help your leadership team decide which headhunters to use in the Greater New York City Area.

It’s important to work with the right retained firm to hire talent at the executive level. However, selecting the right retained firm in New York isn’t easy because so many executive headhunters have offices here. We hope the list below helps executive search buyers find the right firm more easily.

Top New York Headhunters List includes Competitors

That is why our NYC headhunters list includes our competitors. It makes sense for any executive search buyer to develop a short list of retained executive headhunting firms tailored to your company’s needs.

While we cannot personally vouch for the other “top” firms—we’ve never used them because we do executive searches ourselves—we can say the executive headhunting firms have solid histories of providing searches in the Greater New York City Area.

Top Executive Recruitment Lists Advice

As you research NYC executive recruitment agencies for your company, take care. Some top executive recruiting company lists are not what they appear to be, which we detail in What Top Executive Headhunter Lists Can You Trust? From what we’ve been able to determine, at least one list is fake. An executive headhunting firm created the site and then listed itself as one of the top 5 firms. Pretty slick, right?

That “dirty data” — a bogus top headhunting firm — appears to have fooled at least one of the more established headhunting lists. The little-known trickster headhunting company now appears in its Best Executive Recruiting Firms list.

What NYC Executive Headhunters Are Top-Notch?

If you happen to be in the Greater New York City area, the list of executive search recruitment firms below should help give you a good start. We created our list with help from Hunt Scanlon Media’s Top 50 Recruiters and, of course, our personal experience in the industry.

NYC Area Headhunters in Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey

NYC executive headhunters conduct senior-level executive searches in the tristate region of Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York. Our Top Headhunters in NYC list features firms that recruit for employers in New England, the Northeast, the East Coast, and across the country.

Top NYC Executive Headhunters Defined

Top New York Headhunting firms are not executive placement firms. They don’t find jobs for executive candidates because the candidates are not their clients. They recruit top-performing executives to fill specific openings for employers. You’ll find healthcare executive recruiters in the list because most NYC headhunters work across multiple industries: technology, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, financial services, management consulting, and nonprofit sectors.

Consider the Source of Any Executive Headhunter List

Consider the source of your top recruiting agency list. If there is no source listed on the website — if there is no website owner, address, or contact information — beware. If there is a source, weigh the potential bias.

Next, follow the money. If the Recruiters NYC list provider sells products or services to headhunters featured in their top list, that’s a conflict. Everyone has a point of view.

We happen to be a retained executive headhunting firm positioned as an alternative to traditional executive search practices. Since we advocate for smarter search and recruiting practices and make our feelings known (on this blog and elsewhere), we frequently get asked to share our shortlist insights.

Chief executive officers, board members, and venture capitalists all come to us with the same question. “What are the top headhunting companies in NYC in the retained recruiting industry?” The answer should be what headhunters are right for you. The list of NYC headhunters below features the names of executive headhunting companies that, like ours, have established track records of success in the business.

Top New York City Headhunters

(In alphabetical Order)


Acertitude is a NYC executive search firm

Consumer, Financial, Health Care, Industrial, Private Equity, Professional Services, Technology, and Telecommunications Businesses.

Bay Street Advisors

Bay Street Advisers is a NYC executive search firm

Asset Management, Capital Markets, and Corporate and Investment Banking.

Caldwell Partners

Consumer, Retail & e-Commerce; Education, Nonprofit & Government; Financial Services; Industrial; Life Sciences & Healthcare; Private Equity & Venture Capital; Professional Services; and Technology.

Catalyst Advisors

Catalyst Advisors is a NYC executive search firm

Life Sciences.

Diversified Search Group

Diversified Search Group is a NYC executive search firm

Consumer and Retail; Digital Media, Entertainment, and Sports; Education; Energy; Financial Services; Healthcare Services; Industrial; Life Sciences; Nonprofit and Arts & Culture; and Technology.

Egon Zehnder

Consumer; Financial Services; Health; Industrial; Private Equity; Public & Social Sector; Services; and Technology & Communications.

EMA Partners

EMA Partners is a NYC executive search firm

Consumer & Retail; Energy & Natural Resources; Financial Services; Government & Nonprofit; Healthcare & Life Sciences; Industrial & manufacturing; and Technology & Communications.


ForceBrands is a NYC executive search firm

Beverage Industry; Food industry; Beauty Industry; Cannabis Industry; and Pet Care Industry.

Heidrick & Struggles

Consumer Markets; Education, Nonprofit and Social Enterprise; Energy; Financial Services; Healthcare and Life Sciences; Industrial; Private Equity; Professional Services; and Technology.

Herbert Mines

Retail; Digital & Tech; Consumer Products; Hospitality & Leisure; and Private Equity.

Odgers Berndtson

Business Services; Professional Services; Consumer; Entertainment; Education; Financial Services; Healthcare & Life Sciences; Industrial; Public & Not For Profit; and Technology.

Options Group

Capital Markets; Global Markets; Alternative Investments; Hedge Funds; Private Banking & Wealth Management; and Technology.

Russell Reynolds

Business and Professional Services; Consumer; Education; Energy; Financial Services; Healthcare; Industrial; Nonprofit; Private Equity; and Technology.

Sheffield Haworth

Consulting, Technology & Services; Corporate; Financial Services; and Real Assets.

Slayton Search Partners

Consumer; Retail; Financial Services; Insurance; Industrial; and Private Equity.

Solomon Page

Solomon Page is a NYC executive search firm

Clinical Resource Network; Fashion & Beauty; Financial Services; Healthcare & Life Sciences; Hospitality; Media, Education & Publishing; and Specialty Financial Services.

Spencer Stuart

Technology, Media & Telecommunications; Consumer; Financial Services; Industrial; Education, Nonprofit & Government; Private Equity; Healthcare; and Business & Professional Services.

The Good Search (That’s Us)

Analytics; Artificial Intelligence; Computational Biomedicine; Data Science; Hospitality & Leisure; Internet & Retail; Machine Learning; Software; Technology; and Venture Capital & Private Equity.

Consumer; Financial; Tech; Healthcare; IT; and Life Sciences.

ZRG Partners

ZRG Partners is a NYC executive search firm

Consumer; Financial Services; Healthcare; Industrial; Life Sciences; Not-For-Profit & Education; Private Equity; Professional and Technology Services; Sports, Media & Entertainment; and Technology.

Build Your Own List of Top New York Headhunters

We hope you have enjoyed the list of Top New York Headhunters and invite you to check out our blog on how to build your own list of top executive recruiting companies,

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