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We make it a practice to cultivate friends of the firm. That is why we regularly provide senior executives and technologists with career advice in our blog. We believe in helping candidates who’ve worked hard to become the best-of-the-best advance in their careers. Because we pay it forward, we enjoy ongoing relationships with the leading senior executives and technologists in the business.

Full disclosure, we do find it incredibly frustrating that we cannot engage with every deserving candidate the moment they wish to speak with us. There are simply too many candidates and too few of us. We have to manage our time to do what we do well. To lessen the frustration, we have developed a way for you to share your career preferences with us. That information will help us understand what kinds of opportunities are motivating to you so that when we do reach out, it will be for the right kind of opportunity. We hope that this is just the beginning of a beautiful friendship.


Candidate Preferences

  • What is your formal title?
  • What is your Preferred Email Address?
  • Enter the number we should call first to reach you.
  • Sharing your ideal next job will help us identify opportunities aligned with your motivations.
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
    If you had to pick a date, when would be the ideal time? Most employers prefer tenures of at least three years.
  • Describe the scope of your job responsibilities in your current role.
  • Sharing this information helps us understand the how large a team you've had experience managing.
  • How many employees report up into you, counting your direct and indirect reports. Sharing this information helps us understand the size of teams you are capable of leading.
  • Sharing this information gives us a more precise sense of the scope of your responsibility and focus.
  • Telling us whether you do better in a large or small company environment helps us identify the kinds of companies where you will be the most successful.
  • Answering this question helps us understand what kind of opportunity would be right for you.
  • Sharing the name of your direct superior ensures we understand your scope and focus of your current role. It is for informational purposes only. (We never check references without a candidate's written consent.)
  • Sharing your boss's title helps us understand the level and scope of your responsibility. If you're a potential successor, it also gives us another example of what roles are right for you. It is for informational purposes only. (We never check references without a candidate's written consent.)
  • Providing us with your physical work location helps us determine what opportunities might provide you with a better commute.
  • Providing us with your home address helps us determine what opportunities would be within commuting distance.
  • We find that even if you prefer communicating by personal email, it helps to send a quick email to your work address to check your email account for our message.
  • To ensure discretion and confidentiality, we recommend corresponding by your preferred personal email address.
  • Sharing your direct dial helps us bypass the switchboard, ensuring discretion.
  • Communicating by cell phone is usually the most discreet way to communicate and the quickest way to reach you wherever you are.
  • Please share your home phone, if you have a land line there. Or if you use your cell phone as a home phone, enter it again here.
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
    If you answered "No" above and are open to relocation at a later, enter that date.
  • The Good Search is an Equal Opportunity Employer and Equal Opportunity executive search firm practice. We are a company that values diversity. We actively encourage women and minorities to self-identify because we specialize in diversity talent initiatives. Employers often ask for our help profiling top talent to ensure inclusion and a level playing field. Of course, self-identification is purely voluntary: refusal to provide this information will have no bearing on your candidacy and will not subject you to any adverse treatment.
  • Sharing this information helps us identify opportunities aligned with the compensation you require.
  • Copy/paste your corporate biography here
  • Enter the number we should call first to reach you.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Privacy. We’re in the business of confidentiality. We make it a practice to protect the strategic business plans of our clients and the career plans of the candidates that we recruit.  We would never share confidential information without your consent.