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We are America’s headhunters who serve technology clients from coast-to-coast. As a national technology executive search firm, we deliver top executive and technology talent to companies with offices in the United States and Canada. As one of the leading national technology executive search firms in the industry, we are hard-wired into senior executive and technology leadership talent. We follow talent in the Greater New York City Area and in Connecticut where we are based, in the Greater Boston Area in New England, in the Greater Chicago Area, in Silicon Valley in the San Francisco Area, and in the Greater Seattle Area — and everywhere else in-between.

As a technology hub, Austin is considered one of the hippest with a renowned music scene. Its cost of living — while climbing — has made it an attractive alternative to Silicon Valley, so much so that Oracle and Tesla have moved their headquarters there.

Boston has a rich history as a leading technology hub along the Route 128 corridor and is home to major technology companies including iRobot, Hubspot, and Akamai Technologies.

Chicago is home to successful startups like Orbitz, Redbox, Grubhub, Braintree, Groupon, and Simple Mills and is a leader in quantum technology innovation.

Connecticut in the Greater New York City Area is where you’ll of Booking Holdings, along with technology and life sciences startups in the Greater New Haven Area and Stamford. Connecticut’s Fairfield County is tethered to Wall Street from Venture Capitalists to Private Equity Firms to Hedge Funds. Founded by Ray Dalio, one of the world’s largest hedge funds, Bridgewater Capital, is based here in Westport, Connecticut, where we are based.

The Greater New York City area, the birthplace of IBM, is now the home to successful brands like Square, E*Trade, and Trello.

The Raleigh-Durham Research Triangle is a region of technological innovation in North Carolina. It is also home to Red Hat and hosts major offices for technology giants IBM and Microsoft.

Silicon Valley got its name from its silicon chip manufacturers including Intel. Yet, the San Francisco Bay Area hosts technology’s most powerful and successful companies including Alphabet/Google, Apple, Facebook, Salesforce, Twitter, and Uber.

Seattle’s technology scene, first anchored by Microsoft, is also home to another technology behemoth Amazon, Expedia. The high-tech talent pool also attracted leading SF Bay area companies, including Google and Facebook, to open large offices there.

Washington, D.C., is not only a government center but also a place of technological innovation. Amazon has based its second Headquarters (HQ2) in Arlington, Virginia. 

Financial Hubs


Los Angeles
Minneapolis-St. Paul

New York City
San Francisco 

The Good Search has experience recruiting top executives in FinTech, banking, venture capital, and financial services.

Whether anchored by a global company or supported by rising startups, financial services hubs are growing across the country. Atlanta has been nicknamed “Transaction Alley” because of its large community of payment processing tech companies. Nearly 70% of U.S. transactions take place in the state. Charlotte is both the longtime home of banking giants anchored by Bank of America and of startups such as LendingTree. Charlotte is the second-largest banking center in the United States. And Los Angeles FinTech benefits from access to young talent at UCLA and cheaper real estate than Silicon Valley.  

As a national technology executive recruitment firm, we are excited by the increasing role technology plays in financial services. We work hard to support innovation in this sector by finding and placing top executives at leading companies.  

Life Science Hubs

We are life sciences headhunters passionate about recruiting executive leadership in Biotechnology, Genomics, Pharmaceuticals, Therapeutics, and research institutes. The Good Search is honored to be able to partner with those fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic and working to develop the future of medicine.

As the life sciences and technology are closely related, many of the technology hubs we know and love are also the seats of scientific innovation. Boston, home to both renowned universities and major biotechnology companies such as Biogen, Genzyme, and Novartis, has a deep pool of executive leaders. San Francisco Bay Area led the country in BioPharma Venture Capital Funding, over $10 billion, and patents in 2020. And Illinois’s $9 million Rebuild Illinois Wet Lab Capital Program makes Chicago a growing hotspot for life science leadership.

As COVID-19 continues to change the life science landscape, The Good Search stays attuned to trends and insights that help us find you the best candidate possible. 

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