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Social Media Gurus Jimmy Fallon and  Justin Timberlake  get Twtter hashtags  better than most social media marketing professionals who get paid for their expertise. That is why The Good Search’s has included them among the Things We Love.  They’re our favorite combination platter. When it comes to social media optimization, no one does it better. The Good Search is a retained search firm that specializes in social media. Doing what we do, we have the good fortune to rub elbows with and vulcan-mind-meld with the thought leaders of the digerati. But if anyone gets it, these two entertainers do.

At a Timberlake concert I attended at Madison Garden, the pop star had his fans send him tweets while waiting for the show to begin. Timberlake now has 30 million followers on Twitter — that’s million with a capital M. Not to be outdone, Fallon serves up weekly Late Night Hashtags. On Twitter, he weighs in with a respectable 11 million followers. But when the two get together is when the real tweet-magic begins. Check out the genius of their Hashtag video.


Of course, Justin not only gets social media, he starred in the motion picture.  The Social Network written by screenwriter Aaron Sorkin tells the story of how Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg created the social network that became known as Facebook. However, Timberlake puts his social media savvy to use in marketing campaign promoting his work, as this blog details as marketer Stephanie Frasco’s blog details.  In fact, he’s invested in social media, putting up a major stake in the purchase of MySpace from News Corp.

Social media serves as regular fodder for Fallon’s comedy bits. Fallon unearthed rare footage of The Beatles after their Ed Sullivan Show performance proving the Fab Four were really, really ahead of their time.

Amber Whiteman blogging for the digital marketing group Metia Group this month highlighted 5 social media trends of which we should be aware. Hashtags, complete with Fallon’s and Timberlake’s hashtag video, made the top five.

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