Executive Search for Startups

Venture capital backed startups are creating a staggering amount of jobs, but interestingly they’re more focused on sales and marketing and less on technology these days. As NYC entrepreneur and investor Mark Birch pointed out in a recent blog post entitled “Don’t Look to Tech Startups to Fill the Jobs Gap“, fewer engineers are needed to build something really cool because our technology is oh-so- much smarter.

More intelligent computing lowers barrier to entry and increases the number of early stage companies battling it out for market share. Consequently, while it may seem counter-intuitive, tech startups generate non-tech job growth in sales and marketing roles. That, in turn, creates a need for more support and administrative staff.  In other words, the smarter technology becomes, the fewer technologists we need for tech startups. But tech startups still need sales and marketing people to win. 

Consequently, the soldiers startups need to win are not so much engineers, but rather sales and marketing people, executives who are commanding increasingly higher salaries due to increasing competition in the labor market and record-high valuations in venture capital funding.  So, the irony is tech startups are not so much for tech jobs anymore .  .  .

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