Executive Search Video: A Better Way to Recruit Executives

What if there were a better way to conduct executive search? That question inspired us to found The Good Search. It compelled us to innovate a next-gen search firm model, one that address the concerns of search buyers as it makes executive search smarter.

Our latest video shares our vision of a better way to recruit. It gives real examples of just how good executive search can be. All ou have to do is harness the power of data. 

What if . . . ?” It is a question that  has prompted entrepreneurs the world over to found startups and venture capitalists to invest and risk vast sums of money, knowing full well the likelihood of failure is high. The National Venture Capital Association reports that that 25% to 30% of venture-backed businesses fail. A story in the Wall Street Journal says the startup failure rate is more like three out of every four. Still, dreaming “what if” is how the Founder of Reddit identified a genuine need and set out of fill it.

We hope the questions we ask in our latest video inspire you to take executive search to the next level the same way it inspired us.



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