On Telecommuting

Telecommuting at The Good Search has its benefits. We work in a distributed environment, telecommuting from the comfort of  home offices with pets as colleagues.  One such colleague is Mortimer, our Tonkinese rescue cat.

CEO and Cat

Photo credit: Joe Buglewicz

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer recently ordered telecommuting employees back into a shared office — a move that made sense for a struggling company that needed to forge a sense of shared purpose and community among its workers.  However, telecommuting is accepted practice at the technology companies we serve. It enables round the clock work across different time zone. It saves money on commuting, saves wear and tear on the environment saves on the cost of office space, and enables companies to hire valuable talent that cannot live near the mother ship.  It also allows for the  consistent care and feeding of pets. As a result, Morta is an honorary member of the executive team. He lost his home in 9/11 and we took him in. When he’s not busy staring randomly at walls (for no apparently reason), he supervises 3 other furry companions: Frankie, our a yellow Lab, Norton our Corgi mix, and a Gracie, a Russian Blue who, apparently, came with the house. We moved in and there she was.  Though lately, I’ve had the distinct impression that Morta has been plotting a take-over . . .

Mortimer the CEO

If you share an office with a pet, we invite you to share your story in comments . . .

PS. The first photo was taken by Joe Buglewicz

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