Top Executive Search Firms in NYC

We frequently get asked what are the top executive search firms in NYC in the retained search firm industry. It is a common question we get asked by chief executive officers, board members, and venture capitalists. Every year, The Good Search meets with more than 100 buyers of executive search as does our executive search research practice Intellarati. Since we advocate for better executive search and recruiting practices and make our feelings known (on this blog and elsewhere), we frequently get asked for our for our insights on the best retained search firms in the Greater New York City area.

In the interest of objectivity and putting a little good karma out there, below is the listing of executive search firms in NYC that includes our competitors. We understand that we’re not the right search firm for every search every time. No search firm is. That is why it makes sense to develop a short list of search firms for your company. If you happen to be in the Greater New York City area, the list below should help give you a good start. These firms conduct senior executive search in the tristate region of Connecticut,  New Jersey, and New York.  While everyone has their favorites, these executive search firms have solid histories of providing searches in the NYC area.

For more information, check out our post on how to build your own list of top executive search firms.

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