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Recruit Differently

Recruit Differently for a Reason

Recruit Differently for a Better Search Experience

The Good Search believes you deserve a superior executive search experience. Traditional retained executive search firms often fail to deliver game-changing leadership. In fact, the Executive Search Information Exchange (ESIX) has found that 40% of retained searches fail to complete. At The Good Search, statistically, we do not fail.

Recruit Differently to Focus on Execution

Search firms have the power to influence their outcomes by investing in investigative research that goes beyond typical candidate sourcing and recruiting. However, to the best of our knowledge, The Good Search stands alone in taking research seriously enough to harness its power for competitive advantage. It is how we deliver dream candidates you never knew existed.

How We Recruit Differently

We Asked What Bothered You. Then We Listened.

To design a better search experience, we asked executive search buyers, “What traditional retained search practices bother you?” Then we listed and learned a lot. We identified retained search shortcomings — the things you find so incredibly frustrating about search firms. Then, we took action.

We Eliminated Conflicts of Interest

We removed the conflict of interest inherent in percentage-based fees in executive search firm pricing. Charging a percentage of the hired candidate’s first-year compensation incentivizes search firms to negotiate higher salaries, potentially compromising a search firm’s loyalty. Our simple flat fee is based on the amount of work we do.

Owning a Candidate Is Weird. We Don’t Do That.

You shouldn’t have to track which firms “own” which candidates. Some firms tag candidates for placement fees, making extra work for employers. We reject the notion of “owning” candidates. In fact, we find it a little weird.

Extra Search Fees? Gone.

Traditional firms often charge extra when clients hire their candidates for additional roles. If our work produces another hire, you don’t pay extra. We invest in your long-term success.

The Retained Search Black Box? Buh-bye.

We’ve eliminated the lack of transparency that plagues traditional search firms. While others withhold candidate research under the guise of confidentiality, we share complete profiles with contact information, fostering trust and enabling you to audit our work.

Recruiting Differently Makes Room for What Works

Removing ineffective practices in executive recruiting allows us to focus on what works. Founded by a former investigative journalist, The Good Search believes in the power of information. Sharing our research builds trust, encourages collaboration, and makes searches more strategic. We believe you have a right to this information—you paid for it.

Search Smarter

Our innovative investigative approach enhances executive search effectiveness. Traditional sourcing methods, while useful, do not establish the foundation required for excellence. Our approach ensures comprehensive coverage, uncovering candidates others miss.

Uncover Top Performers

Recruiters often struggle to know when to stop searching because they can’t confirm if all viable candidates have been identified. Our investigative method answers this question, making the search process highly efficient and ensuring no dream candidates are overlooked.

Find Top Candidates Others Miss

We systematically map target companies, creating organizational charts that LinkedIn cannot provide. This detailed mapping allows us to locate your ideal executive candidates with precision, enabling game-changing hires.

Hire the Best Leadership Talent

By identifying the direct superior of every executive, we achieve laser-like precision in our searches. Our investigative approach uncovers the best talent—dream candidates you never knew existed. This is why the world’s leading technology companies have become clients of The Good Search.

Technology Recruiters

10 Reasons to Search Differently

  1. Discover dream candidates you never knew existed.
  2. Interview more diverse candidates for greater Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.
  3. Hire game-changing executives who are invaluable to your success.
  4. Gain valuable competitive intelligence from our investigative search.
  5. Leverage strategic competitive analysis, insights, and opportunities.
  6. Trust the process with no conflicts of interest from percentage fees.
  7. Eliminate the need to track which firms “own” which candidates.
  8. Extend your budget with no extra fees for hiring candidates into other roles.
  9. Access all candidate research we develop for every search.
  10. You can sleep at night. Statistically, there is no chance the search will fall short.

Got Questions? Let’s talk.

No search firm is the right firm for every search every time. Yet we make it a practice to listen to what you’re trying to accomplish and we try to help, regardless.