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Chief Data Officer Headhunters

Executive Recruiters of Chief Data Officers

As Chief Data Officer (CDO) headhunters, The Good Search has recruited Data Science executives since data science has been a thing. There’s a reason we have served as a strategic recruitment partner of the Office of the CTO of Microsoft and have recruited heads of engineering to Google. Our investigative approach has enabled us to succeed in Data Science executive search and deliver Chief Data Officer luminaries to top-tier venture capital-backed startups and not-for-profit life science institutes.

(Both Chief Data Officers and Chief Digital Officers are referred to as CDOs.)

The Role Of Data Science Executive

Originally designed as a position to defend and protect data, Chief Data Officers and other Data Science executives have assumed more responsibility. Companies not only ask their Data Science executives to safeguard their data, but also to harness the power of data to inform decision-making, marketing, customer service, and monetization efforts.

However, according to a 2021 survey of 85 Fortune 1000 and industry-leading firms, companies are still struggling to become data-driven. Most companies surveyed, 92.2%, cited cultural resistance as a significant challenge around data initiatives.

Data Science executives need both the technical skills to manage their company’s data and the leadership skills to bring about a culture that values data as a business asset. COVID-19 has posed additional challenges to Data Science executives. Organizations require timely and accurate data to make unprecedented decisions in response to a volatile world. Remote working exposes a company’s data to new risks. And companies must reprioritize current data initiatives to reduce costs. Data Science executives are confronted with addressing these rising challenges while also investing in their company’s future.

Protect and Grow

Chief Data Officers and other Data Science leaders must be prepared to lead solutions to the crisis-triggered challenges yet to come. According to an article by McKinsey Technology,

“CDOs must not only lead the way in sourcing, storing, and serving up the necessary data but also work alongside business and functional heads to identify and drive new priorities.”

— McKinsey Technology

Data Science and AI executive recruiters target top-performing candidates who know how to respond to rising challenges while continuing to push strategic innovation forward. Though they are considered among the most challenging to recruit, we understand what it takes to be successful in Chief AI Officer and artificial intelligence executive search.

Chief Data Officer Headhunters

Heads of Data Science and Chief Data Officers are experts in emergent technologies that harness data. Deep Learning. Neural networks. Natural Language Processing. Machine Learning. Predictive Analytics. They all require data to learn.

CDO headhunters must understand the function of data science and how important their information is — you can’t do machine learning or AI without the data. We prioritize understanding your company’s data needs and the qualities you want in an executive candidate.

Our investigative approach is ideally suited to ensuring a diverse slate of candidates for Chief Data Officer executive searches. We often are brought in for diversity recruiting to ensure the inclusion of underrepresented candidates: women and Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC). The Good Search is familiar with leading technologists in Data Science and knows how to look beyond a sea of technical buzzwords to ensure candidates have the leadership and vision to move your company forward. Discover how we Recruit Differently and check out Our Story to get a better feel for who we are.

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