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CISO Headhunters

Executive Recruiters of Chief Information Security Officers

As CISO headhunters, The Good Search specializes in recruiting Chief Information Security Officers. The need for cybersecurity is foundational. Businesses and nonprofit organizations are more connected than ever. The more they harness the power of online platforms to grow exponentially, the more cybersecurity becomes a strategic concern. Costly data breaches and ransomware attacks at leading universities, banks, hospitals, public utilities, and governmental agencies make headlines.

What Does a Chief Information Security Officer Do?

A Chief Information Security Officer, also known as a CISO (SEE-sew), is a senior-level executive who is responsible for an organization’s data, cyber, and technology security. While the exact responsibilities vary by organization, by definition CISOs focus on developing and leading information security. CISOs help protect the organization’s assets, applications, systems, and technology while enabling and advancing business outcomes. In addition, CISOs are often responsible for developing, implementing, and enforcing security policies to secure critical data. CISO duties may include the following:

  • Setting a cybersecurity strategy and leading cybersecurity operations.
  • Developing and implementing secure processes and systems.
  • Securing the organization’s cyber and technology assets.
  • Preventing, detecting, mitigating, and recovering from cyberattacks.
  • Implementing disaster recovery protocols for business continuity.
  • Implementing ongoing security awareness training and education for users.
  • Overseeing the cyber governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) processes.
  • Evaluating and justifying cybersecurity investments.
  • Implementing ongoing security awareness training and education for users.
  • Leading cybersecurity operations and implementing disaster recovery protocols.
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The Role of Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)

As the role of Chief Information Security Officer grows in importance, the CISO role is becoming much more focused on strategy. Increasingly, CISOs are collaborating on new strategies with others in the C-suite, as well as on the board.

Complex policy and regulatory challenges tied to new technologies and rising concerns over privacy and the use of consumer data have made CISO essential partners in risk mitigation, risk management, internal audit, and compliance.

As the role of CISOs evolves, the skills required reach beyond technical expertise. There is a greater emphasis on effective communication and collaboration; business, legal, and regulatory know-how; and leadership and strategic abilities.

CISO Headhunters

Chief Information Security Officer recruiters must have a solid grounding in the Information Security industry. They must know the difference between cybersecurity (keeping the bad guys out) and identity and access management (letting the good guys in). They must know the top cybersecurity and IAM solution providers in this space.

A good CISO headhunter also knows that each industry has its respective information security risk profile. CISO selection should be selected based on the type of information security risks that are prevalent in their respective industries.

Additionally, a good recruiter understands that if your company has less than 50 employees, it may not be ready for full-time CISO. Yet if your company has more than 200 hundred employees, it is likely time to hire a CISCO.

Nonprofits and NGOs Growing Need for CISOs

Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs) are especially vulnerable to cyberattacks and information operations — surveillance by governmental entities. The Humanitarian Cybersecurity Center (HCC) reports less than 15% have hired a cybersecurity expert. More than a third of NGOs do not require Multi-Factor Authentication. The Cyberpeace Institute founded the HCC to provide expert support and practical free cyber assistance to NGOs because cyber threats are only increasing. Donations to The Cyberpeace Institute “help protect the most vulnerable against cyber threats in the non-profit sector.”

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