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CTO Headhunters

Executive Recruiters of Chief Technology Officers

The Good Search is counted among the leading CTO Search Firms in the industry. As CTO headhunters, we have been recruiting Chief Technology Officers (CTOs), Chief Architects, Chief Product Officers, and Heads of Engineering for more than two decades.

CTOs, as technology leaders, adapt their technology strategy to meet their organization’s current needs. They also analyze ongoing trends for competitive advantage. They navigate their companies through prolonged periods of uncertainty and volatility as innovators. Chief Technology Officers have been forced to respond to the ongoing disruption of COVID-19 while simultaneously planning to help their organizations emerge from the pandemic on top.

The Good Search has extensive experience as CTO Headhunters, recruiting technology luminaries, many of them clocking in as geniuses. In fact, we have served as a strategic recruitment partner of the Office of the CTO of Microsoft and have recruited Heads of Engineering to Google. 

We also recruit to leadership roles that report to the Chief Technology Officer. We regularly conduct searches for Chief Product Officers, Chief Architects, Heads of R&D, and Heads of Engineering. The Good Search stays up-to-date on innovation and trends in the technology space. This lets us differentiate the innovators from the followers and help find you the perfect candidate.

The Role of Chief Technology Officer

The role of the Chief Technology Officer has risen in prominence during the pandemic. Organizations now require technology leaders with the ability to transform business strategies into actionable plans and to attract superstar engineering and product development talent in a highly competitive landscape.

According to insights by the MIT Technology Review, the Chief Technology Officer’s role is growing as its responsibilities have come to include creating the architecture for new business models, taking advantage of emerging opportunities, and reaching customers in innovative ways. 

As organizations continue to put technology at the heart of their strategy for future business growth, CTOs are becoming a more common predecessor for the CEO role. Many companies, not just in the technology sector, have promoted executives from CTO to CEO.  As a result, the pandemic and post-pandemic period is a major growth opportunity for top technology executives who drive business agility and enable revenue growth.

Do CTOs Still Need to code?

The Forbes Technology Council recently asked themselves if the CTO still spends time coding. A common theme in their responses was that it is important for CTOs to keep up to date, with both their company’s code and greater trends in the programming community, but their leadership matters more.

“A CTO needs to know where their time is best spent. They should be constantly evolving with the business and prepared to move beyond the programming keyboard as the company scales.”

As the role of chief technology officer expands during this unprecedented time, CTOs have taken on more strategic and customer-facing roles. To succeed, CTO search partners must target candidates with the technical depth and strong interpersonal skills to match force with the New Normal.

CTO Headhunters

As CTO headhunters, we track emergent technologies and the brilliant technologists responsible for those products and innovations. Top CTO headhunters seek accomplished technologists who are true business leaders, capable of influencing stakeholders to drive change,  innovation, and competitive differentiation. The Good Search is counted among the top CTO headhunters in the business because it is our passion: CTOs are our people.

Our investigative approach is ideally suited to ensuring a diverse slate of candidates for each role. In fact, we often are brought in for diversity recruiting to ensure the inclusion of underrepresented candidates: women and Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC).

The Good Search knows CTOs. We have cultivated trusted relationships with the leading technologists in the business that help us find and place leading CTO candidates. Discover how we Recruit Differently and check out Our Story to get a better feel for who we are.

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