Executive Search Specialties

Match force with the challenges of COVID-19 

Our executive search specialties empower us to help companies match force with the Novel Coronavirus pandemic. While we have always been technology headhunters, the use of those technologies has never been more important.

In fact, our executive search specialties are more aligned than ever with our mission to serve the greater good. We are dedicated to delivering highly-sought leadership talent that saves lives; keeps business moving forward during the COVID-19 pandemic; and prepares those businesses for recovery.

Technology Executive Search Expertise

Our executive search expertise delivers the technology talent that enables customers to work from home, to shop from home, to have packages delivered to their doorsteps, to consult with their physicians online, and to meet virtually with colleague and classmates. 

EdTech Leadership Recruiting

The Good Search has extensive experience delivering best-of-the-best talent in EdTech, enabling universities, colleges, and schools to continue to educate students through the Novel Coronavirus pandemic.

HealthTech and Genomics Leadership Recruiting

Our executive search specialities also include HealthTech. We deliver leadership talent for telemedicine, health insurance payments, and electronic medical records. We recruit AI and data science talent for genomic research. We deliver the talent needed to develop vaccines and to discover possible cures to diseases and infections, including COVID-19. 

Essential Services Recruiting: Online Retail, Fulfillment, and Delivery

We deliver the talent to support essential services such as online retail, fulfillment and delivery. We recruit strategic supply chain and logistics leaders — and well as the technology and engineering leaders building and maintaining the Information Technology (IT) platforms required to deliver during the worldwide pandemic.

We are headhunters who specialize in recruiting the best-of-the-best executive and technology talent in e-commerce, cloud computing, cybersecurity, software, data science, and AI. Those technology services and platforms are never been more important than they are today.

Got Search?

Digital Executive Search

Data Science and Artificial Intelligence

We are distinguished by our niche focus on artificial intelligence. AI is accelerating the advancement of science critical to solving challenges posed by the Coronavirus pandemic. Artificial Intelligence is counted among the most transformative technologies in history.

The Good Search recruits AI leaders and heads of data science because they not only are working hard to match force with a global pandemic, they also are shaping the world as we know it.  (See our posts: The Secret to Recruiting AI Leadership and Why you need a Chief Data Officer.)


Everywhere we turn, we see AI and data science leaders breathing life into The Next Big Thing. They are fast becoming the masters of invention at a growing number of client companies.  In doing so, they are growing our vocabulary: artificial neural network (ANN); black box algorithms; computer vision; deep learning; embodied A.I.; few-shot learning; generative adversarial networks; machine learning; natural language processing; reinforcement learning; supervised learning; transfer learning; unsupervised learning; explainable A.I. (X.A.I.); and Weak A.I. If you wonder what these terms mean, check out the NY Times article, “An A.I. Glossary“, and you, too, can learn to hold your own discussing the nuances of AI.



Trending Senior Executive Searches

Technology is in our DNA.

As executive recruiters of top digital talent, we have lived it. The Good Search was founded by an award-winning television journalist and early adopter of computer assisted, data-driven investigative reporting. Our love of innovation and nerdy sensibility has made us experts in recruiting best-in-class technology leadership in advertising, digital media, online games, big data, e-commerce, and software. In fact, for more than a decade, we have served as a strategic recruitment partner to the office of the CTO of the most powerful and successful software company in the world.



Our Technical Domain Expertise

  • Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, and Analytics
Cloud Computing and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)
  • Emerging and Disruptive Technologies, Robotics, Optics, and Lasers
  • EdTech and Educational Platforms
  • Enterprise IT, Enterprise Software, Enterprise App Stores
  • HealthTech,Genomics, and Computational Biology
  • Internet Retail, eCommerce, mCommerce, In-App Commerce
  • Payment Apps, Transaction Platform and Services
  • Search Platforms, Mobile Platforms, Social Platforms
  • SmartPhones, Mobile Platforms, Mobile Apps, Mobile Graph
  • Social Networking, Social Analytics, Social Graph
  • Software Security, Cybersecurity, Identity Management

Our Diversity Recruitment Expertise

  • Woman-Owned and Woman-Founded
  • Diversity Sourcing
  • Diversity Talent Pools
  • Diversity Talent Mapping
  • Global Diversity Initiatives
  • Diversity Best Practices
  • Diversity Competitive Intelligence




Executive Search Practice Areas

  • Analytics and Data Science
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Computational Biology and Genomics
  • Cybersecurity and Identity Management
  • eCommerce, Internet Retail, and Online Travel
  • EdTech and Educational Platforms
  • HealthTech and Genomics, 
  • Internet of Things (IoT) and Industrial IoT (IIoT)
  • Software and Cloud Computing (SaaS)
  • Technology & Management Consulting

Levels Most Frequently Recruited

  • C-Level, Chief, CXO
  • President
  • General Manager
  • Executive Vice President
  • Senior Vice President
  • Vice President
  • Managing Director
  • Partner


Functions Most Frequently Recruited

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Finance
  • Data Science
  • Engineering
  • General Management
  • Genomics
  • Information Technology
  • Product Development
  • Product Management
  • Research and Development (R&D)
  • Software Development
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