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The Good Search is counted among the leading Chief Data Officer search firms in the industry. We have been recruiting Chief Data Officers (CDOs) and heads of data analytics ever since data science has been a thing.

There’s a reason we have served as a strategic recruitment partner of the Office of the CTO of Microsoft and have recruited heads of engineering to Google. Our secret sauce. Our investigative approach has enabled us to deliver data luminaries to top-tier venture capital-backed startups and not-for-profit institutes. In doing so, we have cultivated trusted relationships with the leading data scientists and technologists in the business.

We are extraordinarily connected. We offer concierge-quality service. Better yet, our investigative approach makes executive search smarter, ensuring you get the head of data you need. 

The Case for Chief Data Officer

It used to be that Chief Information Officers were enough to manage the information and the network. But no more. The explosion of data has cleaved the CIO role in two, creating the role of Chief Data Officer or CDO. However, companies need a Chief Data Officer who does more than manage data. That leader holds the key to knowledge generation and management. The Chief Data Officer owns raw data creation, collection, storage, and analysis.


Got Search?

Chief Data Officer Executive Search

What a Chief Data Officer (CDO) Does

A Chief Data Officer or CDO is a corporate officer responsible for enterprise-wide governance, management, and harnessing of the power of information. CDO responsibilities include business intelligence, advanced analytics, data mining, and machine learning, and even artificial intelligence. While the Chief Data Officer title shares the same initials as Chief Digital Officer, the two are not the same job. The Chief Data Officer focuses on capturing, managing, and exploiting information. Chief Digital Officers or Chief Digital Information Officers usually focus on digital transformation.

With Big Data Comes Bigger Opportunities

The chief data officer (CDO) is emerging to capture immense opportunities contained in that data. That according to a recent IBM Report entitled Your chief data officer: Re-imagining the business of data.

“As an agent of change, CDOs are mobilizing their organizations around an enterprise-wide data strategy, activating the use of data in new ways, and building more data-driven cultures”

CDO Headhunters

Chief Data Officer Headhunters, also known as CDO Headhunters who know their stuff track how emergent technologies harness data. Deep Learning. Neural networks. Natural Language Processing. Machine Learning. Predictive Analytics. They all require data to learn. CDO headhunters understand the function of data science and how important their information is — you can’t do machine learning or AI without the data. In fact, top CDO headhunters seek gifted technologists who are true leaders. They help uncover competitive insights that lie hidden in all that data. The Good Search is counted among the top CDO headhunters in the business because it is our passion: Chief Data Officers (CDOs) are our people.

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