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CEO Krista Bradford’s blog offers insights on executive headhunting, executive talent acquisition, and executive recruiting trends and best practices. Without a doubt, executive search is important. The success of virtually any company depends primarily on senior executive leadership. At the C-Level, a CEO, CFO, CMO, or CTO can make or break a company.Therein lies the opportunity.


Executive Search Blog by The Good Search

By helping the best companies and the best leadership talent find one another, we help companies grow and prosper. When companies thrive, so too do their people.  The Good Search’s Executive Search Blog details our latest thoughts on executive recruitment, board and senior executive leadership,  and transforming executive recruiting as we know it.

Beyoncé Slay Diversity

(Updated 22 Feb 2016) Okay. So Beyoncé detonates a video the day before the Super Bowl:  Formation.  Ka-blam. Why do I care? I recruit technology executives for a living. And at the senior executive level: diversity matters. So when the Queen B weighs in with... read more
The Race for Technology Company Diversity

The Race for Technology Company Diversity

The Race for Technology Company Diversity Increasingly technology company diversity is in the public spotlight. Some of the most prominent technology companies in the country once again have made their diversity data public. The diversity statistics offer insight... read more
The Latest Gender Pay Gap Stats

The Latest Gender Pay Gap Stats

Newsflash: there’s a gender pay gap. Women make less than men in the developed world. (Okay, okay. We know this already. This is just my clumsy attempt at wry humor in face of the latest reminder that we female types have a ways to go to achieve parity . . .)... read more

Executive Search Firm Diversity Matters

I’ve been chewing on it a while. I’ve had something I’ve wanted to say. Executive search firm diversity matters. I know it is impolitic to discuss issues with one’s own industry. I am fully aware it is so much safer to remain silent (and boring). But truth is the executive search firm business lacks diversity.

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