Keep Calm and Search On

If you search smarter, you really can “Keep Calm and Search On”. Our retained search brand The Good Search created the “Keep Calm and Search On” graphic and new take on the classic Internet meme to share with our friends.

Originally, the Keep Calm and Carry On saying was featured in a motivational poster published by the British Government in World War II.  It was designed to raise public morale at a time when Great Britain was facing massive air strikes on its cities.

Wikipedia reports that

the poster was hardly ever publicly displayed and was little known until a copy was rediscovered in 2000. It has since been re-issued by a number of private companies, and has been used as the decorative theme for a range of products.”

So if helped British citizen survive the Blitz, we suspect it can help hiring executives and executive recruiters survive the challenges of executive recruiting and talent acquisition.

So breathe and pass it on . . .

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