Executive Search Trends 2014

Executive Search has undergone a revolution.  The Good Search Highlights the latest executive search trends in our list of What’s In and What’s Out in for 2014. Executive search buyers are seeking stronger slates of candidates. Employers want smarter data-driven executive search.  Companies don’t want to be nickel-and-dimed by search firms billing indirect expenses. Increasingly, employers are seeking flat fees instead of percentage search fees that have a build-in conflict of interest.  Last, they want the candidate research as an audit trail. They want transparency and what to know what a search firm is doing.


 Executive search trends on what’s in and what’s out in in 2014.

What’s In:

  • Stronger Slates
  • Data Driven Research
  • No Indirect Expenses
  • Flat Fees
  • Shares the Research

Whats out:

  • Missed A-Players
  • Outdated Search
  • Indirect Expenses
  • Percentage Fees
  • No research sharing
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