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Curating Leadership is a blog by The Good Search devoted to next-gen executive search best practices. The Good Search is an innovative retained search firm that is considered one of the best executive search firms specializing media and technology in the New York City area.

How to Avoid The Wrong Hire in Executive Search

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Redefining The Right Fit To Avoid The Wrong Hire in Executive Search Chief Executive Officers hire senior executives with The Right Fit. That’s C-level short hand for candidates who meet the requirements of the role and also fit the corporate culture. Candidates with The Right Fit are thought to have enough in common with the […]

Executive Search Firm Fees | Why You Should Never Pay a Percentage

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Executive Search Firm Fees Most executive search firm fees are based on a percentage of candidate compensation and that’s a problem.  Percentage fees set up a significant conflict of interest. It creates financial incentive for search firms to inflate the salaries of the candidates they place. The more a candidate makes, the more an executive search firm […]

Bogus Retained Executive Search Fees You Should Never Pay

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Bogus Retained Executive Search Fees Retained executive search firm fees for overhead still are common practice among the larger retained search firms. Apparently, making in excess of $100,000 per retained executive search is not enough. Getting reimbursed for direct expenses, such as candidate travel, is not enough. Larger retained search firms still have the temerity to […]

Keep Calm and Search On | Executive Search for Digital Media

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Executive Search for Digital Media Like many of Internet executives, technologists, and creatives that we recruit, The Good Search loves eye-candy. That is why we created “Keep Calm and Search On” . We conduct executive search for digital media and all things Internet.  It had to happen. The meme got us. This graphic and others […]

What is the Secret to Selecting the Best Executive Search Firm?

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Best Executive Search Firm Selection If you have been tasked with search firm selection,  naturally you want to pick the best executive search firm for your company. While the definition of “the best” differs from company-to-company, there is a way you can discover which company is ideally suited to your organization. To find the best […]

When Should I Use an Executive Search Firm?

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Generally, employers use an executive search firm when an executive job opening is important enough and senior enough to warrant the investment.  I use the word “invest” for a reason.  A retained executive search will likely cost you a minimum of $50,000 and averages $100,000 or more — typically one-third of a candidate’s first year total […]

How to Recognize Great Talent in Executive Search

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Learning how to recognize great talent is the key to making amazing hires in executive search. While it is pretty easy to tell who’s good while seated courtside in Madison Square Garden watching the New York Knicks play, it is not so easy for Chief Executive Officers seated in the C-suite.  At senior-executive level, candidates […]

What are the Steps of the Executive Search Process?


The executive search process varies little from retained executive search firm to retained search firm. In fact, the basic steps of the retained search process are described by the Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC), an organization that represents retained search firms. Every time they conduct a senior-level executive search, executive recruiters seated at the largest […]

12 Signs You Need an Executive Search Firm


If your company is experiencing dramatic growth or is in the midst of a corporate turn-around, chances are you need a executive search firm. The reason is simple: senior executive hires are simply too important. Hires at that level can make or break a company. Consequently, while the business landscape may change, the need for […]