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The Good Search CEO Krista Bradford is here to help make executive recruiting smarter, easier, and less stressful for you.  A former Emmy-Award winning investigative reporter and television journalist, Ms. Bradford digs deep to share leadership talent acquisition secrets and best practices.

Be sure to check her special collections of blog posts on Executive Search, Diversity, Careers, and Good Reads. Of course, welcome your thoughts and comments. To learn more, we invite you to visit the following pages: Executive Search Academy, Articles, and Case Studies. If you want to learn more about the cost of search, check out Retained Search Fees. For insights on specific kinds of executive searches, visit Chief AI Officer, Chief Data Officer, Chief Digital Officer, Chief Information Officer, Chief Innovation Officer, and Chief Technology Officer. 

Genius Candidates

Genius Candidates

Genius Candidates As an executive search consultant that specializes in technology, I frequently encounter genius candidates. While it is easy to be blinded by brilliance, successful candidates must do more than think. It is my job to determine which ones are top...

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