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A powerpoint presentation that we created about how to recruit passive candidates.

With few exceptions, the best-of-the-best candidates are passive candidates. Most are not actively looking for a job because they are engaged in their work, successful, and companies do whatever they can to retain them. Consequently, if you want to build a team of star players, they will rarely come to you. They are not actively trolling career websites or job postings looking for their next opportunity.  Rather, recruiters come to them.

In fact, top companies go to great lengths to court the favor of rock star executives and technologists they would like to recruit. They assign executives and a point person in talent acquisition to manage the relationship. They stay in touch and arrange dinners, meetings at conferences, and other get-togethers to build the relationship.  They look across their organization to identify possible opportunities for the key executives. They often create opportunities tailored for the star. For ideas, check the Harvard Business Review book Finding & Keeping the Best People

When you recruit passive candidates, you must think holistically about what ultimately will attract the best talent to your company and about how to get the pieces in place across the organization to accomplish that goal.

Content of Deck

1. The Art of Recruiting Passive Candidates Making a Business Case by Krista Bradford
2. The Art of Recruiting Passives

  • How to market opportunities to candidates in our current economic environment
  • Why easy recruiting solutions will get harder to use
  • How to construct your pitch to make a business case
  • How to recruit across multiple channels: email, voicemail, texting, and Facebook poking
  • How to find the shortest path to the winning candidate

3. Economic Turbulence
4. Gas Crisis
5. Housing Crisis
6. Financial Crisis
7. Career Crisis
8. Opportunity Abounds
9. Opportunity Abounds
10. Candidates + Job Postings + Social Networking
11. Smart Not so smart Efficient Inefficient Job Boards Jobster NotchUp You
12. Candidate ID
13. Candidate ID
14. Candidate ID
15. Candidate ID
16. Candidate ID
17. The Good Search Way Target the best candidates. If you target everyone else, you will fail.
18. Candidate Development
19. Make sure you’re informed
20. Candidate Development
21. Step 2 – Build a business case
22. Step 2 – Build a business case

  • Check your company press releases for hot company descriptions.
  • Check Hoovers or Google Finance for numbers to tout: market cap, revenues, growth, employees, cash reserves.
  • Compare cost-of-living with calculators on,,,
  • Compare commutes in Google Maps

23. Candidate Development
24. Candidate Development
25. Candidate Development
26. Candidate Development
27. Candidate Development
28. Candidate Development
29. Candidate Development
30. Candidate Development
31. Map teams as you go in
32. Questions? Krista Bradford CEO, The Good Search, LLC

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