Kate McKinnon is an Icon We Love.

The surest sign that Kate McKinnon is a comedic icon is not her ongoing featured work on Saturday Night Live, which is where we first fell in love with Kate McKinnon. We noticed her arrival at SNL well before her famed Kellyanne Conway sendups.

Kate McKinnon’s Kellyanne Conway impersonation went from one inspired by the musical Chicago to a Kellyanne version of the decidedly darker lead character Pennywise from the Stephen King novel and movie It.


Rather, what sealed Kate McKinnon’s fate as a comedic icon is making the Vanity Fair photographed by none other than Annie Leibovitz in a shoot styled by Jessica Diehl. (For the full cover story, see Vanity Fair’s The McKinnon Report.)

Kate McKinnon Photograph by Annie Leibovitz; Styled by Jessica Diehl.

Actress and Comedian Kate McKinnon. Photograph by Annie Leibovitz; Styled by Jessica Diehl for Vanity Fair.

We First Noticed Her as Connecticut Mom and Gonzo Gamer

We first noticed her before her star had ascended as a Connecticut Mom obsessed with Grand Theft Auto V. At that moment we counted her among the Things We Love. The Good Search is a retained search firm that recruits senior executives and legendary games technologists in the gaming industry. As it happens, we’re headquartered in Westport, Connecticut in the Greater New York City Area. So when SNL did a sendup of a Connecticut Mom hooked on Grand Theft Auto V, the latest release from Rockstar Games. . .  well, it couldn’t have been more perfect.

At the time, Kate McKinnon talent was overshadowed by SNL’s other funny women: Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, and Kristen Wiig. But even back then, it was clear Kate’s had it going on. Check out her impersonations of Ellen on Ellen and of Penelope Cruz. Kate’s rise to comedic icon is been relentless. She is gender-bending and gleefully impersonates Russia probe special counsel Robert Mueller and Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

 Prior to “SNL,” McKinnon performed with numerous Harold and Maude Teams at New York’s Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre. She gained a following in the New York comedy community for the three one-woman shows she wrote and performed at the UCB: “Disenchanted,” “Best Actress” and “Kate McKinnon on Ice.” McKinnon studied theatre at Columbia University.

About The Good Search

Founded by a television journalist who worked at NBC in their offices at 30 Rockefeller Plaza and whose spouse has performed on SNL, The Good Search is an executive search firm with media DNA.  We specialize in recruiting top performing senior executives and technologist to leading advertising and media companies that include Omnicom, Time Warner and Clear Channel.

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