The Definitive Guide to Retained Executive Search

Hi, I’m Krista Bradford, the Founder and CEO of The Good Search. I founded The Good Search because I believe executive search buyers deserve a better experience. One way we do that is to share the knowledge, to help you wherever you happen to be in your recruiting journey.

Whether you’re new to retaining an executive search firm or are an experienced retained search buyer, informed decisions make for smarter search.

 The Good Search is the place to find everything you need to know about how to select an executive search firm. We discuss challenges and issues involved in selecting a search firm. We discuss the search firm models, the pricing, and what firms are considered the top executive recruiting firms. We share insights on executive search: the processes, best practices, and how to gain a competitive advantage through smarter talent acquisition. We review diversity recruitment and share the latest insights on ways to increase diversity at the senior executive level.  Set yourself up for lasting success by working through our posts below while getting to know The Good Search.

Got Search?

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