Tech Search Firm’s Favorite Silicon Valley Scenes
Last updated Mar 15, 2021
by Krista Bradford

Tech Search Firm’s Favorite Silicon Valley Scenes

As a cybersecurity search firm, The Good Search, recruits top cybersecurity executives and technologists. We are cybersecurity headhunters. That’s what we do.

Because we conduct senior executive and technology search in the software security space, I spend a lot of time talking to the most brilliant engineers and executives who keep this Internet of ours up-and-running.  It isn’t easy and often, it isn’t pretty.  But the Gilfoyles of the world get it done and, for that, we salute them.

Gilfoyle is a character on the hit HBO television series Silicon Valley. Actor Martin Starr plays Gilfoyle with nerdy precision and the requisite expletives. In this scene, he details exactly what Gilfoyle does.



Gilfoyle Crush

A writer for Vogue — yes, Vogue, the fashion magazine — has a crush on Gilfoyle, as do we. In an article entitled, Admit It: You Think Silicon Valley’s Gilfoyle Is Hot, Chelsea Hassler explains her reasoning,

To be clear, I’m not just saying this because I’m super into the whole “hail Satan” thing—and he’s very clearly into that. Gilfoyle’s indifference to the cattiness of the people around him is what makes him attractive. Or maybe it’s because he’s the only person who seems to retain some sense of self when all the madness goes down. Or maybe it’s just that he’s the sarcastic heartbeat of the show, causing the tension to drop every time he walks into frame.

She goes on to list what she finds so enticing about him, from “He’s the brains of the operation” to, our favorite, “He defines deadpan.”‘  Here, Gilfolye hacks a smart refrigerator.


Gilfoyle, we salute you.

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