The Soul of Leadership

The Soul of Leadership is a dimension worth cultivating in one’s career. Mindfulness is playing an increasing role in all areas of our lives. It repeatedly yields positive results. So it stands to reason that honoring the spiritual side of our work lives will bring greater meaning and purpose to our work. In fact, Author Deepak Chopra writes that leadership takes both heart and soul as in his book, The Soul of Leadership: Unlocking Your Potential for Greatness.

Chopra brings rebrands success as something far beyond financial gain. In The Soul of Leadership, Chopra examines spirituality in the workplace and offers ways to reverse negative attitudes to fosters a positive working environment. Chopra offers a succinct guide that employs his principles. In doing so, the author shares the stories of two leaders who have made millions following the deepest inclinations of their souls, In fact, Chopra believes the only path to true success is finding and honoring one’s calling. Our careers are a hero’s journey. (For more on that, see Executive Search and The Hero’s Journey.) For that reason, we recommend the book The Soul of Leadership and applying its methods in your career.

Leadership Consciousness

The author contends that great leaders must develop consciousness. So in this way, Chopra goes where few business courses in leadership have dared. Most business schools serve up case studies for analysis, to compare less successful leaders to those who have delivered the greatest return on their corporation’s investment. While technical and managerial skills are important, Chopra has found that human skills are far harder to teach and pass on. “Yet they are the key to persuading other people to follow you.”

Here, Deepak Chopra shares the book’s insights in a presentation at Pershing’s Financial Solution Conference.

The Soul of Leadership Presentation

The Soul of Leadership by Deepak Chopra

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