Smarter Executive Recruiting

The Good Search webinar on smarter executive recruiting is about reaching beyond the same old executive recruiting resources for a competitive advantage. If you head the executive search function for an internal executive recruiting team or if you lead talent acquisition, this webinar provides examples of the kind of data that can be harnessed for more intelligent executive recruiting.

You Can Listen to Executive Recruiting Webinar Now

As a thought leader in executive search, The Good Search shares insights about the next generation of executive recruiting at conferences and in webinars. Listen now! to our latest webinar – “The Art of Finding and Recruiting Passive Candidates”. You can follow along using the Slideshare presentation.


Smarter Executive Search: Executive Recruiting as Investigation

There is a treasure trove of company, candidate, and industry information available that lies outside of resume databases and LinkedIn. Executive recruiters must start thinking strategically about what other sources of data are available beyond traditional recruiting resources. That is how you become an executive recruiter who delivers top candidates others miss.

Webinar Rave Reviews

“What I appreciated was that it wasn’t just a sales pitch, and that the information was well organized and really presented a solution. It wasn’t just some theoretical musings . . . Krista knows her stuff.”
— Kyle Schafroth

“What a great strategy and message; kudos to you for differentiating and creating a unique approach in client development. The email below integrates so well with your “brand” as portrayed on your website; whoever formulated the message and approach is worth a million bucks. My credo is ‘action and talent are both needed for success…’  You have seamlessly added ‘Skill’ to that.”
 — Danny DeCiryan, Senior Staffing Partner Consulting – Professional Services – CIO Group, Siemens IT Solutions and Services

“Krista’s presentation was, by far, the best webinar I have ever attended.”
— Rhonda Barnes, Recruiting Manager, Mail Terminals

“I very much enjoyed the ERE webinar you presented. I like your style and believe our philosophies around recruiting are very simpatico. You really tickled my funny bone when you said you had never met a good recruiter who didn’t pick up the phone and engage. I actually worked with an extremely introverted recruiter for over 3 years. She would even respond to voicemail with an e-mail, but that’s another story.”
— Kathleen Jackson, SPHR, Senior Recruiter, Global Finance Shared Services. Coca-Cola Enterprises Inc.

“Thanks for your presentation today. It was refreshing and insightful. I’ve heard lots of presentations from crusty recruiting “veterans” that devolve into tricks and favorite tools. I think coming at it from your starting point as a former reporter, using research and investigative thinking, makes a difference. It makes it makes the process more stimulating, rather than just processing through data. I hope that by communicating I haven’t revealed too many corporate secrets, although it seems that you have a way of uncovering information from any source, in very efficient ways. I hope you get a chance to present again with ERE and other venues. It’s good stuff.”
— Tracy Godfrey, Recruiting Manager, Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

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