We’ve have spun out an exciting new recruiting research division called Intellerati.  Intellerati services make executive search smarter and easier. Our executive search research is designed for the internal executive search function at leading Fortune 500 companies and for companies that require the best senior-level technologists.  We offer robust and flexible support, on demand. We deliver executive search research, technology recruiting research, and candidate sourcing for exceptional results.

Smart Sourcing. Genius Partner.

Intellerati logoIntellerati is an executive search research firm that recruits board and senior-level executives for some of the most powerful and successful companies in media and technology. Like our retained search practice, The Good Search,
Intellerati is distinguished by more than a decade long track record of success in executive search. Intellerati services are just structured differently to give corporate executive search and talent acquisition teams the support they need.

We harness the actionable intelligence to reduce risk while we increase corporate recruiting success.  Typically, we collaborate with corporate recruiters and focus on the front-end of the recruiting process, delivering interested, qualified candidates. We are a firm that is incredibly adept as engaging senior level executives and technology luminaries, with connections in all the right places. We also offer a wide array of other services that include diversity talent pools, succession benches, and studies focused on a talent ecosystem for competitive advantage.

Research is the execution engine of executive search that identifies, develops, and ultimately delivers star talent.  Build a better engine and you create the ultimate recruiting machine.  As the first investigative recruiting practice in the nation, Intellerati offers a level of executive search research expertise you simply cannot find anywhere else. Our investigative approach to passive candidate sourcing reaches far beyond the standard recruiting resources to tap highly-placed sources and little-known databases.  We harness the power of computer-assisted research and proprietary technologies to gather information and then we analyze that data to convert it into actionable intelligence.  We stop  to connect the dots.  Ultimately, we deliver candidates you never knew or dreamed existed.

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