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CIO Headhunters

Executive Recruiters of Chief Information Officers

The Good Search is a leading CIO Executive Search Firm. As CIO headhunters, we regularly recruit Chief Information Officers as well as Chief Information Security officers. However, with the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, agile IT leadership abilities have become an essential skill set as organizations seek alternatives to long-established business operations.

We recruit great CIOs who are true business leaders, capable of influencing stakeholders to drive change and innovation. Top CIOs enhance competitive differentiation and build diverse, multidisciplinary teams. They deftly manage platform and vendor challenges, with developments such as cloud technology raising issues around latency, availability, and security. We also lead executive searches for IT leaders who report to or alongside the Chief Information Officer.

We also specialize in CISO Search and Chief Data Officer Search. Chief Information Security Officers and Chief Data Officers must take on ever-increasing security risks as organizations work to find better ways to store and analyze data and information. The Good Search recruits top CIOs because we are inspired by their abilities to harness the latest technologies.

The Role Of Chief Information Officer

Since the arrival of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, Chief Information Officers (CIOs) have faced the greatest challenge of their careers. As millions of Americans moved to remote working at the start of the pandemic, CIOs have had to respond quickly to support their employees and keep their businesses operational.

CIOs Play a Critical Role in Navigating COVID-19

Yet businesses are experiencing infrastructure breakdowns, Denial-of-Service (DoS) cybersecurity attacks, and corporate websites going down due to increased traffic loads. As companies continue to grapple with the implications of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it is already clear that CIOs are playing a critical role in navigating the crisis.

The importance of technology has accelerated during the pandemic. Many of the changes reshaping how we work and live—from working remotely to shopping online—rely on technology. And because IT ties so much of every company together, CIOs are playing a central role in leading companies through the crisis to the other side.

Strong CIOs excel at redesigning and managing an ever-changing online workplace. But they also need the leadership skills necessary to build a culture of trust that can allow for agility and adapt management practices for remote work.

CIOs Are Essential Workers

The pandemic has demonstrated how essential the role of the Chief Information Officer is. It accelerated the adoption of technology. Now, more than a year into the pandemic, CIOs have an opportunity to take IT to the next level through seamless customer journeys and delivering growth. According to Gartner’s Distinguished Research Vice President,

This is a watershed moment for CIOs . . . There is no going back to the way business used to be.

— Mr. Rowsell-Jones, Distinguished Research Vice President at Gartner

CIOs Have an Opportunity to Seize the Moment

Strong CIO candidates have an opportunity to seize the moment. Gartner suggests there are 4 ways CIOs “can make a difference both in digital business acceleration and in long-term agility: win differently, unleash force multipliers, banish drags, and redirect resources.” A successful CIO search, CISO Search, or Chief Data Officer Search recognizes this and finds candidates with a record of innovation and resiliency. 

CIO Headhunters

Chief Information Officer recruiters must learn your company’s mission and deliver executive candidates who can help you achieve that goal. Serious CIO headhunters understand technology and technologists, often tracking trends and innovation across the IT industry. We know this because that’s exactly what The Good Search does.

For every search, we conduct in-depth research to find out where innovation is happening and who is driving it. Our investigative approach is also ideally suited to ensuring a diverse slate of candidates for each role. We often are brought in to ensure the inclusion of underrepresented candidates: women and Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC).

For your next CIO executive search, choose a partner who can distinguish between genius technologists and executives with keyword-stuffed LinkedIn profiles. Discover how we Recruit Differently and check out Our Story as Executive Recruiters to get a better feel for who we are.

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