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Insights on executive and technology leadership from The Good Search Founder and CEO Krista Bradford, a recruiting firm that offers retained executive search, executive recruiting, and technology recruitment of board and C-level senior executives and technologists.

What Adoption Did to Steve Jobs

The film Steve Jobs by director Danny Boyle and screenwriter Aaron Sorkin speaks the truth in a way no other film before it has — about Steve Jobs and about the adoption experience for adult adoptees.

Boston VC Firm Invests in Working Mother

Smack dab in the middle of Devon’s second maternity — about the time many working mothers at the partner level feel unrelenting pressure to cut their family leave short — founder Scott Maxwell advised her to stay the course. He pointed out that she had an opportunity to “be the example” for the other women in her wake.

Make Your Next C-Level Hire a Woman

The study managed to tease out the reason why gender diversity progress has been so hard. In a nutshell, we’ve grown comfortable with the status quo.  So we actually believe if we have one or two women on an executive team, we’ve got diversity covered. We can’t fix something if we don’t believe it to be a problem.

Unconscious Gender Bias in Executive Search

A woman CTO is said to be “overly emotional” because she “loves her job and her team”.
A women EVP “has a chip on her shoulder” because she noted all senior executives at her company are white and male.

Recruit A Players | Steve Jobs Quote

Set a strategy to recruit the best-of-the-best senior executives and you will be channelling Apple founder Steve Jobs.  There’s a vast difference between simply qualified and exceptional. Jobs understood that, which is why he focused on recruiting A players.

Selecting the Right Search Firm Type

There are two traditional search firm types in the world of executive search — contingency and retained.  Contingency search firms are not paid to do the work of recruiting. They are only paid if and when they make a placement. Retained search firms charge a retainer to do the work of recruiting.

Google Shows Men Ads for Better Jobs

If gender bias is an unintended consequence of job opportunity ad-targeting, it means women executives and women technologists are at a disadvantage more than previously imagined. Women make less than men, on average, in their current workplaces. But that’s not all. Their future is also shortchanged . . .

Recruit Passive Candidates

With few exceptions, the best-of-the-best candidates are passive candidates. Most are not actively looking for a job because they are engaged in their work, successful, and companies do whatever they can to retain them. Consequently, if you want to build a team of star players, they will rarely come to you. They are not actively trolling career websites or job postings looking for their next opportunity.  Rather, recruiters come to them. 

Candidate Sourcing Slideshare

Candidate Sourcing is all about control. How you identify, profile, qualify, and, ultimately, recruit passive candidates is what ultimately determines the success of an executive search engagement. It is how you fill a senior executive or senior engineering opening.  It enables you to be proactive.

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