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Career advice from The Good Search executive search firm CEO Krista Bradford. Insight on how to increase your value as a candidate to attract dream job opportunities at the board and senior executive level.

How to Get to Know a Retained Executive Recruiter

Senior executives are often advised to cultivate a relationship with a leading retained executive recruiter as a way to get ahead. However, that is not an easy thing to do.

Ageism in Recruiting | What to Do About It

Ageism exists. So it is more a question of what executive recruiters are going to do about it to ensure equal opportunity for all candidates.

What Adoption Did to Steve Jobs

The film Steve Jobs by director Danny Boyle and screenwriter Aaron Sorkin speaks the truth in a way no other film before it has — about Steve Jobs and about the adoption experience for adult adoptees.

Genius Candidates

As an executive search consultant that specializes in technology, I frequently encounter genius candidates. It is my job to determine which ones are top performers. While it is easy to be blinded by brilliance, genius candidates have to do more than think.

Finding Your Calling

Finding your calling is worth the effort, say the experts. According to a recent study published in Psychological Science, it can help you live longer.

Top 20 Things Headhunters Want to See in LinkedIn Profiles

Listed below is a Top 20 “hot list” of the things that headhunters look for in the LinkedIn profiles of senior executives and technologists for their corporate clients. In fact, one Fortune 100 client counted among the “Best Companies to Work for” uses the same criteria as a hard filter to determine who will move forward as a candidate and who will be eliminated from consideration.

Unemployment Catch-22 | You Need a Job to Get a Job

As leadership in Washington grapples with job stimulus programs, the biggest problem that needs solving is that of not being able to get a job unless you have a job — a classic catch-22.

How to Get a Job: Try a Mustache and No Pants

Ever wonder what happened to the fake mustache, no pants guy who waged a “Google, Please Hire Me” campaign to get a job at Google?
We did. Back in 2011, Matt Epstein waged a guerrilla marketing campaign targeting Google as his next employer. To this day, the innovative campaign serves as a case study on how to get a job by making a grand gesture.

Executive Makeovers | How Not to Be Overlooked

If you are a candidate looking for your next opportunity or know someone who is, Crazy, Stupid, Love is a lesson in the power of the makeover.

Executive Search and the Hero’s Journey

Think of Your Career as the Hero’s Journey. All heroes must leave what is familiar, venture forth, do battle, and then return, forever changed, with new talents and gifts to share. 

Say Their Name

Our name connects us to our identity and sense of self. It is uttered first by our parents and by people who care about us the most. Some might say our name is the most important word in the world.

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