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As a top executive search firm, we recruit board and senior executive talent for some of the most powerful and successful technology companies in the world. The top-performers. The game-changers. Women rock stars. Diverse board members. We search smarter. We give you more.  Candidates you never dreamed existed. Pricing you can trust. All the candidate research. In doing so, we outperform traditional executive search firms. That is why The Good Search is counted among the best technology executive search firms in the business.


Candidates You Never Dreamed Existed

We deliver top talent others miss by reaching far beyond traditional executive search firm networks. We tap highly-placed sources, little-known databases, and harness the power of data and investigative research.

Pricing You Can Trust

Our simple flat fee banishes conflicts of interest. Pricing based on a percentage of candidate compensation rewards search firms that inflate the salaries of executives they place. You shouldn’t have to wonder about a search firm’s loyalty.

All the Research

The Good Search gives you more. We hand over all the candidate research — something traditional search firms never do.  Information is power. You can use it to make additional hires at no additional cost. Why settle for less?

Krista Bradford The Good Search CEO one of our technology headhunters

What Makes Us a Top Executive Search firm?

Founded by former award-winning investigative television journalist Krista Bradford, The Good Search offers unprecedented access to rockstar executives. We have ways . . .

We are expert executive search researchers. We reach far beyond traditional search firm resources. We leverage highly placed sources. We use proprietary methods that are not in the average search firm’s playbook. We deliver candidates you never dreamed existed.

Passive Candidates


Years in Business

Our References

The Good Search is a search firm with street cred. We’ve earned it.

We are executive headhunters and tech recruiters who have conducted more than 500 executive search engagements in advertising, digital media, software, and the Internet. We have boosted senior-executive diversity. We have built CEO succession benches. We have done all that and more as executive recruiters for the some most powerful and successful technology companies in the world.

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Take minute (1 min 28 seconds to be exact) and check out our latest video put to music. It should give you a good sense of who we are.

Pricing You Can Trust

One of the Leading NYC Executive Search Firms

Based in Westport, Connecticut, The Good Search serves clients in the greater New York City area companies and beyond. We are technology headhunters for New York Metropolitan Area companies in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. We are Boston headhunters for companies in Boston, Massachusetts, and the greater New England area. We are national executive headhunters serving technology and media companies across the U.S.

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