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The Good Search is a next generation executive search firm.The Next Iteration. The Next Big Thing. In fact, we do what no executive search firm has done before. We harness the power of data to make executive search smarter. Based in the New York City Area, The Good Search is a national search firm practice that recruits board and senior executive talent for the most powerful and successful companies in advertising, media, and technology.

We deliver top candidates you never dreamed existed. Game-changing hires. Unprecedented transparency. We even hand over all the candidate research, something traditional retained search firms never do. In fact, we consistently outperform traditional search firms. That is why The Good Search is fast becoming the executive-search-firm-of-choice for venture capital-backed startups and Fortune 100 companies wherever business collides with the Internet.

What is The Good Search?

Executive Search Rebooted

On average, 40% of retained executive searches fail to complete. Nearly one out of every two.

We think we know the reason why so many executive recruiting engagements hit the wall. Retained search firms insist on searching with their eyes closed. The Good Search realized it was a significant opportunity to change the game.

The Good Search Story

Our Reputation

The Good Search is an executive search firm with street cred. We’ve earned it. We have conducted more than 500 executive search engagements. We have boosted senior-executive diversity. We have built CEO succession benches. We have conducted top secret studies of talent ecosystems that saved millions of dollars in product development and teed up companies for acquisition. We have done all that and more as executive recruiters for the most powerful and successful advertising, media, and technology companies in the world. Check Our References

Pricing you can trust.

We eliminate executive search firm conflicts of interest of percentage-based pricing.

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