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Insights on diversity recruiting, diversity talent acquisition initiatives, and diverse talent at the senior executive level by The Good Search CEO Krista Bradford. Best Practices on ensuring equal opportunity for women executives, Black/African American executives, and Hispanic/ Latino executives, and other underrepresented professionals

Gender Equality and the C-Suite

The empowerment of women does not begin in the C-Suite. It starts in childhood in the classroom. First Lady Michelle Obama has spoken extensively on the subject, reminding us that equal opportunity begins with a girl’s right to learn.

Retained Search Firm Diversity Video

By depending their own networks — when one’s own networks tend to be homogenous — boards of directors perpetuate the white male status quo. The utter irony is that they are perpetuating the status quo when the members of those boards are among the most politically progressive and enlightened leaders of the free world.

When the Best Person for the Job Happens to Be Diverse

Some business leaders stick their heads in the sand, wishing conversations about diversity didn’t have to happen. But avoidance doesn’t work. Diversity is here to stay. So the question becomes how best to talk about diversity to ensure equal opportunity when race, ethnicity and gender are so very . . . personal.

Gender Pay Gap Stats

Forbes Contributor Niall McCarthy writes, “There is still a considerable disparity in what men and women earn across the developed world. Research by the OECD has shown just how pronounced the gender pay gap really is.”

Silicon Valley Wants Black Coders. What’s The Issue?

While African-Americans comprise 13% of the U.S. population, just 1% of coders at Google, Facebook, and other leading Silicon Valley tech companies are black. If it is so very hard for Silicon Valley companies to hire deserving black coders, you can draw straight line from that gap up to the lack of diversity at the senior executive level.

Executive Search Firm Diversity Matters

I’ve been chewing on it a while. I’ve had something I’ve wanted to say. Executive search firm diversity matters. I know it is impolitic to discuss issues with one’s own industry. I am fully aware it is so much safer to remain silent (and boring). But truth is the executive search firm business lacks diversity.

Boston VC Firm Invests in Working Mother

Smack dab in the middle of Devon’s second maternity — about the time many working mothers at the partner level feel unrelenting pressure to cut their family leave short — founder Scott Maxwell advised her to stay the course. He pointed out that she had an opportunity to “be the example” for the other women in her wake.

Make Your Next C-Level Hire a Woman

The study managed to tease out the reason why gender diversity progress has been so hard. In a nutshell, we’ve grown comfortable with the status quo.  So we actually believe if we have one or two women on an executive team, we’ve got diversity covered. We can’t fix something if we don’t believe it to be a problem.

Unconscious Gender Bias in Executive Search

A woman CTO is said to be “overly emotional” because she “loves her job and her team”.
A women EVP “has a chip on her shoulder” because she noted all senior executives at her company are white and male.

Google Shows Men Ads for Better Jobs

If gender bias is an unintended consequence of job opportunity ad-targeting, it means women executives and women technologists are at a disadvantage more than previously imagined. Women make less than men, on average, in their current workplaces. But that’s not all. Their future is also shortchanged . . .

Gender Diversity Study: Silicon Valley 150 Walk-of-Shame

The study documents how Yahoo CEO Marissa Meyers and Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg are the exceptions, not the rule. While women have made significant progress over the past dozen-and-a-half years, when you compare Silicon Valley public companies to large public companies not counted among the SV150, the difference is vast.

If Barbie Were a CEO, She Would Crawl

Take a close look at Barbie and think about how warped her physical dimensions are. She is so thin that she’d be classified as anorexic. In fact, her dimensions literally would cripple her.

Equal Pay for Women Executives? Not Until 2085

According The Status of Women in the U.S. Media 2013 published by The Women’s Media Center, women executives will not reach leadership parity with men in government/politics, business, entrepreneurship and nonprofits until 2085 . To put the year 2085 into context: I will be dead by then. Unless my now college-aged daughter lives to the ripe old age of 105, she will be dead by then as well.

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