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Silicon Valley is a center for innovation, including Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Biotechnology and more. The strong competition in the Silicon Valley drives companies to solve problems and provide value to customers, or fall to one of the looming tech giants. So technology executives in the Silicon Valley are incredibly driven and high achieving. The cities of the Silicon Valley — San Francisco, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, Redwood City, Mountain View, Palo Alto, Menlo Park, and Cupertino — are home to some of the top technology executives. We know this because we are Silicon Valley Headhunters. 

The Good Search is a leading technology executive search firm with decades of experience recruiting exceptional senior executives in Silicon Valley and beyond. Founded by an award-winning investigative TV journalist, our investigative research expertise allows us to find top talent others miss. That’s why our clients trust us to deliver executive talent they never dreamed existed. We serve a variety of companies, ranging from venture capital-backed startups to private equity portfolio companies to the Fortune 500.

If you have an important board or C-level executive opening to fill, you’ve come to the right place.

Functions We Recruit

  • CTO, Chief Technology Officers
  • CIO, Chief Information Officers
  • CISO, Chief Information Security Officers
  • Data Science Executives
  • CAIO, Chief AI Officer
  • CEO, Chief Executive Officers
  • COO, Chief Operating Officers
  • CFO, Chief Finance Officers
  • CMO, Chief Marketing Officer
  • CRO, Chief Revenue Officer

Delivering Top Candidates In Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley has been a hotbed for innovations in technology for nearly a century, and things are only continuing to heat up. Startups have raised $69 billion from investors in the first quarter of 2021, a new record and a sign that investors are looking for the next big winners in every branch of technology. Even Venture Capital firms that were warning startups a year ago about the potential financial crisis, like Sequoia Capital, are now advising everyone to seize this opportunity of growth in the Silicon Valley.

Silicon Valley got its name from silicon chip makers including Intel. Along came Apple, Hewlett Packard, and Cisco. Sofware Companies answered the need for programs: Adobe, Intuit, and  Oracle.  Then came  the Internet companies including eBay, PayPal, Google, Facebook, Twitter and cloud software giant Salesforce.

Funding all that growth are San Francisco Bay Area venture capital firms, most of them gathered along Sand Hill Road running though Menlo Park and Palo Alto near Stanford University. In fact, Silicon Valley is now home to the largest concentration of venture capital firms in the world. Startup founders know the names of the top-tier VCs by heart: Andreessen Horowitz, Accel Partners, Benchmark, and Sequoia Capital.


Our Founder Krista Bradford grew up in California. In fact, she was born in the San Francisco Bay Area and spent part of her childhood in the home her parents built in Redwood City, atop a hill overlooking San Francisco Bay. 

Adopted at birth, virtually all of her birth siblings attended UC Berkeley and her step-mother by birth was a Ph.D. and UCB Professor of Medical Anthropology. One adoptive uncle was a professor of engineering at UC Berkley. Another uncle had a seat on the San Francisco Stock Exchange and was a member of the highly secretive Bohemian Club. All that may explain why so many of our clients and candidates are in the San Francisco area. In so many ways, it is home.

The Good Search knows how to find top talent in Silicon Valley. We are Silicon Valley headhunters founded on the simple principle of making executive search better for everyone. That’s why we have flat-fee pricing and give you all of our candidate research. Why settle for less?

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