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We are Connecticut headhunters who serve technology clients from coast-to-coast. As a national technology executive search firm, we deliver top executive and technology talent to companies with offices in the United States and Canada. However, many of our clients are large multinational corporations with worldwide corporate recruiting needs. As a result, many of our executive recruiting engagements are global endeavors.

As one of the leading national technology executive search firms in the industry, we are hard-wired into senior executive and technology leadership talent. We follow talent in the Greater New York City Area, in the Greater Boston Area in New England, in the Greater Chicago Area, in the Silicon Valley, in the San Francisco Area, in the Greater Seattle Area — and everywhere else in-between.

We are CT headhunters based in Westport, Connecticut in the Greater NYC Area, but we offer technology executive search services across the country. To learn more about who we serve, check out our areas of expertise and our client list.


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Geographic Focus

North America

United States
East Coast

Wherever innovation is happening, The Good Search is hard at work. From New York City to Chicago to the Silicon Valley and Seattle, we deliver high-achieving executives at venture capital-backed startups, private equity portfolio companies, and publicly traded corporations. 

Our clients have come to rely on our ability to uncover top talent you never dreamed existed for hard-to-fill leadership roles across North America and beyond. In fact, we are counted among the most connected technology search firms in the business. 

Tech Hubs

New York City
San Francisco Bay
Silicon Valley


As a national technology executive search firm, we know that technological innovation can happen anywhere, from well-established technology hubs like the Silicon Valley to the rising Silicon Mountain of Denver, Colorado. We have experience recruiting experienced technology leaders and innovators developing the future of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science, Internet of Things, and IT Infrastructure.   

As the Northwest continues to lose their monopoly on technology talent, tech hubs across the country have continued to grow. Atlanta is a friend to both established companies, hosting 16 Fortune 500 companies, and technology startups, with many centered at David Cummings’s Atlanta Tech Village. Austin has ranked as the top tech town in the U.S. for the second year in a row in the CompTIA trade group’s annual report. It is also the new headquarters for Oracle as of December 2020. And Dallas, home to corporate giants like Bank of America and America Airlines, has also received renewed interest from major tech companies like Amazon. Amazon has invested over $16 billion in Texas in the past 10 years with a major focus on its North Dallas tech hub.  

All of this to say, we know the technology industry. After 20 years in executive search, we understand how to follow the talent and know where to look to find your ideal candidate.  

Financial Hubs

Los Angeles
Minneapolis-St. Paul
New York City
San Francisco 


The Good Search has experience recruiting top executives in FinTech, banking, venture capital, and financial services.

Whether anchored by a global company or supported by rising startups, financial services hubs are growing across the country. Atlanta has been nicknamed“Transaction Alley” because of its large community of payment processing tech companies. Nearly 70% of U.S. transactions take place in the state. Charlotte is both the longtime home of banking giants, like Bank of America, and of startups, like LendingTree, that make it the second largest banking center in the United States. And Los Angeles FinTech benefits from access to young talent at UCLA and cheaper real estate than the Silicon Valley.  

As national technology executive recruitment firm, we are excited by the increasing role technology plays in financial services. We work hard to support innovation in this sector by finding and placing top executives at leading companies.  


Life Science Hubs

New York
New Jersey

San Francisco Bay Area
San Diego
Washington DC Area

We are also experienced headhunters passionate about recruiting executive leadership in Biotechnology, Genomics, Pharmaceuticals, Therapeutics, and other fields in the life sciences. The Good Search is honored to be able to partner with those fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic and working to develop the future of medicine. 

As the life sciences and technology are closely related, many of the technology hubs we know and love are also the seats of scientific innovation. Boston, home to both renowned universities and major biotechnology companies such as Biogen, Genzyme and Novartis, has a deep pool of executive leaders. San Francisco Bay Area led the country in BioPharma Venture Capital Funding, over $10 billion, and patents in 2020. And Illinois’s $9 million Rebuild Illinois Wet Lab Capital Program makes Chicago a growing hotspot for life science leadership. 

As COVID-19 continues to change the life science landscape, The Good Search stays attuned to trends and insights that help us find you the best candidate possible. 

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For searches that don’t warrant an investment in retained search, our recruiting research firm Intellerati serves the similar areas and offers an easy, effective way to boost recruiting results while giving you the opportunity to save. 

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