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The Good Search conducts Chief Financial Officer executive searches and other Heads of Finance searches. According to a Grant Thorton CFO survey, the pandemic has made financial leaders more essential than ever. CFOs are serving as change agents and strategists, while still overseeing their day-to-day finance responsibilities. Their role as a trusted advisor for CEOs and boards of directors how to lead through the SARS-CoV-2. Grant Thornton’s National Managing Principal of Financial Management Nick Vellani observes,

“The simple truth is that the CFO is now a primary decision-maker, thought leader, and voice of reason.”

Our CFO search targets candidates with experience in analyzing a company’s financial strengths and weaknesses and have played a key role in its strategic initiatives. We also recruit to senior leadership positions that are a part of the Chief Financial Officer’s team and have responsibilities that include Accounting (Controller), Corporate Finance, Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A), Investor Relations, Reporting, Tax, and Treasury. 

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The Role Of Chief Financial officer

2021 poses a unique challenge for Chief Financial Officers and CFO searches. CFOs must find a way to fund their organization’s growth and maintain control over its finances — all while operating conditions remain highly volatile. As employee safety conditions and the economy continue to shake, the charge to put together an annual budget has never been more difficult. A study by McKinsey, which surveyed 127 CFOs, found two difficult truths for Chief Financial Officers during the  SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. Companies need real budgets, but the business-as-usual budgeting process will not work.

Innovation will be the key to not just surviving, but thriving during the pandemic and in the post-COVID world. In the McKinsey study, 43 percent of CFOs acknowledged the need to streamline their overall budgeting processes in order to react to the changing world more quickly and efficiently. And innovation applies to more than just the budget. As a vital player in strategic initiatives, CFOs will be responsible for all phases of growth and growth efforts across the company. 

Driving Innovation and Growth


In a 2021 Forbes article, President of the CFO Leadership Council jack McCullough outlines one of CFOs top priorities as growth.

“CFOs have recognized that surviving is not enough. Now it is time to grow their organizations . . .

CFOs are on the front lines ensuring that the organizations they lead don’t stagnate, that they challenge the status quo, and that they continue to flourish.” 

CFOs must prepare their company for all avenues of growth: customer acquisition, new market initiatives, mergers and acquisitions, and repositioning their role in a changing workforce. Elite CFOs are able to respond to change with a speed, flexibility, and competitiveness that continues to drive profitability. A CFO Search or other Heads of Finance Search knows this and looks for leaders focused on innovation and growth. 

CFO Headhunters

We are CFO headhunters who help clients recruit executives with the finance, business, and leadership skills to have a transformative impact on the organization.  The Good Search’s robust research expertise allows us to search smarter and to uncover top candidates others miss.

Our investigative approach is ideally suited to ensuring a diverse slate of candidates for each role. In fact, we often are brought in to ensure the inclusion of underrepresented candidates: women and Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC).

At The Good Search, we look beyond LinkedIn profiles to find top performing CFOs who excel at navigating a new and complex business environment.

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