Retained Executive Search, Only Better

The Good Search offers retained executive search services taken to a whole new level. We conduct next generation executive search. We outperform traditional retained executive search firms by focusing on execution and by investing in more robust research. We harness the power of actionable intelligence and data-driven research to make executive search smarter. It is how we deliver the game changers, the market makers, the up-and-comers, and the visionaries. Our top executive search services give our clients a competitive advantage.

Exeucutives in a Row Candidates for Retained Executive Search


Our Retained Executive Search Process



Got Search?

Client Intelligence Huddle

We meet with the hiring executive and other key members of the executive team to discuss must-have and nice-to-have requirements for the role. We then go deeper, asking questions that retained firms never ask to uncover other important sources of data. We draft and finalize the position description and candidate specification for executive team approval. Once approved, the document serves as the touchstone throughout the search to prevent engagement drift.

Top Prospect Preview

Within a week of launch, we deliver the Top Prospect Preview, an initial list of prospective candidates with biographies and relevant intelligence. We provide the report to clients prior to outreach to verify we are all on the same page and to facilitate collaboration. We invite feedback from the hiring executive to gather valuable feedback on what candidates are of greatest interest. It enables us to prioritize outreach to prospects, making the executive recruiting much more effective.

Top Prospect Brief

In an orchestrated email, phone, and social media campaign, we reach out to top prospects across all communications channels.  We market the opportunity to develop interested prospects.  We forward a Prospect Brief report for every prospect who is interested and qualified.  The report includes biography, available resume, and pertinent deal-making details on salary, relocation, and other qualifiers.


Candidate Dossier

The Good Search conducts deep-dive interviews with qualified candidates of greatest interest to the client. We gather work history details not available on the resume and conduct an analysis and appraisal of the candidate’s strengths and and weaknesses.  We write a report that details our findings in comprehensive Candidate Dossiers.

Search Intelligence Reports

The Good Search delivers regular Search Intelligence Reports, usually on a weekly basis. The report tracks the progress of outreach to candidates and it also shares relevant intelligence that we’ve gathered to inform search strategy. We review the report with our client and gather feedback on next steps for interested candidates.

All the Research

At the end of every engagement, we hand over the candidate research — something traditional retained search firms never do. The research serves as an audit trail offering unprecedented due diligence. It enables us to show our work — detailing exactly where we’ve been and what we’ve done on our client’s behalf.  Even better, clients are free to use the information to make additional hires at no additional cost.

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