What is Next-Generation Executive Search?

Next-generation executive search is a new, improved retained executive search model. The Good Search listened to the concerns and wishes of the retained search buyers and designed the next generation of executive search.

Got Search?

Next-generation executive search eliminates the conflicts-of-interest of percentage fees. It eliminates the sourcing shortcomings that cause search engagements to fail. It does away with the retained search black box and lack of transparency.

Next-generation executive recruiting focuses on execution and makes search smarter. It uncovers top talent others miss. It develops actionable intelligence for faster-better hires. It shares the knowledge and hands over the research, facilitating greater trust and collaboration.  It reduces risk as it delivers game-changing hires.

Next-generation executive search offers 3 amazing points of difference:



Candidates You Never Dreamed Existed

We deliver top talent you never dreamed existed because we focus on execution.  We power every executive search engagement with actionable intelligence. We reach far beyond the standard search firm networks to tap highly-placed sources and little-known databases.  We use computer-assisted research, data analytics, and investigative research — innovating new, improved executive search methodology. The Good Search consistently deliver best-of-the-best talent others miss by making search smarter. We reduce risk as we produce faster-better hires game executive search expertise you simply cannot find anywhere else.

Pricing You Can Trust

Our flat-fees eliminate conflicts of interest found in percentage-based retainers. Though fees based on a percentage of a candidate’s salary are industry standard, they offer financial incentive for executive recruiters to inflate the compensation of the executives they recruit. Percentage fees create an unnecessary conflict-of-interest.  We believe employers should not have to wonder where a search firm’s loyalties lie or how much an executive search will cost in the end. As a next generation executive search firm, we work by simple flat fee.


All the Research

We deliver the candidate research — complete with contact information — something traditional retained search firms never do.  We’ve eliminated the black box for unprecedented transparency and due diligence. The research facilitates greater trust and collaboration. It also enables you to make additional hires at no additional cost and to audit our work. The research show you exactly where we’ve been and whom we’ve talked to on your behalf. Because it is impossible to audit an executive search engagement without the research, we believe every client deserves that information.  Why settle for less?

Getting Started Is Easy

Schedule a complimentary consultation for executive search that is simply more evolved.

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