D&B Credibility Scam | The Good Search CEO Turns Whistleblower

D&B Credibility Scam | The Good Search CEO Turns Whistleblower

The Good Search CEO Turns Whistleblower

The Good Search is a retained executive search practice that believes in advocating for the greater good. That is why, as the company’s founder, I embedded that  word into the very name of our company.  Moreover, we believe in the power of information and harness that power in our executive search practice. Our core beliefs are informed by my earlier work as a television journalist and investigative reporter.

The truth really does set us free.

So what’s a former investigative reporter and television journalist to do when her company is shaken down by the strategic marketing partner of highly-regarded business credit reporting agency? Tell the story: The Good Search CEO turns whistle-blower.

From a business perspective, remaining mum would be considered by many to be a prudent choice. I am but David to a business credit agency Goliath. However, remaining silent would mean that millions of other small business owners like me would continue to be targeted and taken advantage of by Dun & Bradstreet Credibility Corporation, in league with D&B.  Many of these small business owners would find themselves $1-thousand dollars poorer each year, when that money would be better spent on the business itself. Worse, when you do the math, the potential financial toll of the highly questionable, if not illegal, practices would  be astronomical.  Millions of business owners would run the risk of losing, collectively, billions of dollars in business when small business is supposed to be the engine of our economic recovery.

So while I could close my eyes and pretend the problem does not exist, the truth is it not only exists, it has been going on for years — practices so predatory they fit the definition of extortion.  While I am no longer a reporter, there really is only thing a former investigative journalist could do: tell the story, in this case to the Wall Street Journal.

Photograph by Joe Buglewicz for The Wall Street Journal

Photograph by Joe Buglewicz for The Wall Street Journal


I encourage you to read the articles and comment:

I will provide other details in the coming days on why D&B and D&B Credibility must be stopped and why the law needs to be changed to provide business owners with the same credit reporting protections as consumers.

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  • Bernie Gridley


    Do you know the current status, or of any resolutions to these lawsuits?

    Apparently, nothing has changed, as I’m dodging calls every day from different phone numbers with these supposed inquiries and incompleteness of my credit report. I’ve gone through this every time I’ve updated my info on D&B’s website over the past few years.

    Thanks for the articles. Although the WSJ stories weren’t nearly negative or alarmist enough, in my opinion.

    • http:www/tgsus.wpengine.com Krista Bradford

      I am referring any and all businesses that have problems with D&B and D&B credibility to document their experiences as much as possible and to share the details with the attorney leading the class action effort . His name is Ross Shanberg of Shanberg, Stafford & Bartz LLP, 19200 Von Karman Avenue, Suite 400
      Irvine, CA 92612. His email is rshanberg ssbfirm.com. I also recommend you file a complaint with FTC, which is also investigating.

      I also wish the WSJ were more aggressive in their reporting on the story on D&B and D&B Credibility actions. But an even larger story from my perspective is that this kind credit reporting is even allowed. As business owners, we cannot obtain our credit report with specific details on the companies and transactions reported. The data is blinded by D&B, which means the could be making it up and based on extensive evidence, they probably are. The Fair Credit Reporting Act protects consumers from inaccurate and damaging credit reports Business owners — many of them sole proprietors who are as close to being consumers as one could possible be — need the same protections.

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