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The Good Search LLC is in growth mode. We’re hiring!

An essential part of our success is our ability to hire individuals that share our passion and vision for transforming executive search as we know it. Think about how frustrating your candidate experience has been whenever you’ve been searching for your next opportunity. You submit applications and get form letters back, no sense at all whether a human has seen your application. You hear from a recruiter who does not really get who you are or all that you have to offer. It is more about whether you a square peg that does and does not fit into the recruiter’s round hole. When you ask for feedback, to learn and become better, you get nothing back. You haven’t a clue as to why a company ceased being interested.

Think about how hard it is for companies to find the right person. It is insanely inefficient. Now think about what you could do to create the ultimate candidate and client experience. Think about the impact that would have on people’s lives. That’s where we’re headed. We seek to make search smarter because smarter is better. We seek to make a difference in the lives in the candidates we recruit, in the lives of their families, and in the lives of the companies we serve.  Because we work our adult lives and search is how you get in and how you move up the ranks. It is how companies grow.

The Good Search Job Openings

Apply now to enjoy a rewarding and lucrative career in executive search.  The Good Search offers services through our retained executive search practice The Good Search and our recruiting research practice Intellerati.

  • Research Associate
    • Be mentored and trained by the top headhunters in industry. The Good Search is looking for smart, ambitious, hard-working college graduates to join our growing team. The Good Search helps recruit leadership teams for the most important technology and media companies out there. No recruiting or technology experience is needed, just a desire to bring it — to sell and learn about the technology, business and venture capital world.
  • Data Research Associate
    • If you are part data nerd, part hacker/programmer and part detective, you may have what it takes to join our team. We see a tremendous opportunity to transform recruiting by making the process smarter. As a data research associate, you will have the chance to serve as the resident data expert for our team, informing data strategy while you cultivate relationships with some of the most accomplished executives and technologists in the digital economy.


To fast-track your candidacy with us, we invite you to share a bit more about yourself by visiting our fast-track page.

Code of Conduct

  • Freedom to Work Remotely Comes With Higher Expectations
  • Be Reliable By Showing Up Remotely
  • Communicate Clearly And Proactively With Us
  • Accelerate Our Business By Working Efficiently
  • Be Responsive, But More Importantly, Be Proactive
  • Maintain Quality, While Constantly Trying To Improve It
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